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    Red and Green light blinking and red flow light on IC-40 (both intermittent)

    If you replace the flow switch and it doesn't help, at least you'll have an extra flow switch which you will eventually need anyway.
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    Warm weather and salt concentration

    Will a pool's salt concentration measure differently if the water is 30 degrees warmer or colder?
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    False Low flow light pentair IC40

    Is the flow switch still soldered together?
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    SPA vs POOL

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    SPA vs POOL

    I think I have a good handle using the TFP methods of maintaining a pool. Is there anything different with a SPA? My neighbor has the SPA and been using Bromine and ozone etc. and having trouble. I'm a Liquid Chlorine and Mauratic Acid guy. Can we just drain it and use the basic TFP procedures?
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    Rj45 or rj60 for 18000 gallon pool

    I'm a fan of bigger is better.
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    Cheap Chinese Variable Speed Pump 1.5HP

    It's still working!!.....The only thing I don't like is that if the power to the whole house cuts out, the pump stays off and needs the start button pushed. Is that the way better pumps operate also?
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    Got it Thank You
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    To verify, the flow light and salt light are green, but the Cell light is flashing? Yes, kind of strange..... I just replace the flow switch with no changes.
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    No date on the sticker..? I'll raise the salt level. Could the flow switch be faulty?
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    The cell sticker is 40020314. It has not been used constantly. It was a back up. The Water temp is 73 Salt is 3400 with K-1766. ph 7.6 CYA 60
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    Pentair IC60 Question

    My cell is flashing a green light in CELL area of the STATUS section. The manual says that it is not generating and to inspect the cell. My question is; inspect the cell for what? It is very clean and registers that it is 20% used. What is my next step? Thanks!