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    Fire ants in pump motor

    DE will kill them.
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    Drinking Pool Water

    I don't even let my dog drink the pool water.
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    Outdoor Shower

    Why do you need a shower?
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    What is a recommended pool filter run time?

    I have a SWCG so i run 4 hours each morning.... When it gets REAL hot I'll add a couple hours in the evening after the peak power time expires. If I did not have the salt system I would only need to run a couple hours each day to keep the water good.
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    What did you do to your pool today?

    30 laps after mowing the lawns...
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    Clogged DE filter

    I suck all the sand to waist when we get a haboob....Pool goes from clear to mud in 12 minutes...
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    Discount Saltwater Compare chart Plumbing style?

    I'd take that with a grain of salt... Not sure what they mean by "Self Cleaning" unless they mean the reverse polarity function. Also I have the SGS and the manual calls for 4000-45000 ppm of salt while the link states 3000-3500ppm. BTW.. I've had the SGS for 7 years and never an issue...
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    If anyone is still awake need some help fast if possible.

    Yes, a sock that goes on your foot ... only one at a time.
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    Saltwater level too high

    I'd do 2 1/4 drains with a fiberglass pool but I am curios what is the negative to having the salt level too high?
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    White Build Up on Tile

    Gracias Amigo! I have some work to do... My CSI appears to be around .04.
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    White Build Up on Tile

    Looks like the recommended max with a Salt System is 450 so I'm not that much over but would like to lower it a bit to see if the scaling stops.... Do I need to get the Ph down? Currently running around 7.6.
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    A surprise epilogue to my build

    Looks like they cut it down and left a tall stump to carve into a climbing gym for the kids.
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    White Build Up on Tile

    Is it Calcium that could be causing a white chalky build up on my tile? What should my CH level be? Last test showed it at 480.
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    SWG and flagstone coping

    You have 1690ppm from tap water?
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    thinking of emptying pool

    So, I'm confused. Is the salt cell bad or not? Why put it back in instead of replacing it if bad?