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    How to find shock for pool opening

    I obviously can't tell you anything for sure about New Jersey, but around here the most reliable source I've found for liquid chlorine is Home Depot, where I've been able to buy 4-gallon cases of 10% for $16. If you can tolerate the calcium in Cal-Hypo powdered shock, both Costco and Sam's Club...
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    AARGH. Total blowout.

    It's amazing how much water a 1 HP pump can move through a 2" pipe.
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    AARGH. Total blowout.

    I just had to rant. After a prolonged SLAM and getting everything finally back where it should be, my water was finally crystal clear, my SWCG was cruising along, and summer was officially underway. Until tonight... I went out to move some pool chairs because we have a thunderstorm moving in...
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    My First SWCG Cell Cleaning

    About 300, right now. As opposed to just leaving it completely plugged? The calcium had to come out, and the acid solution was even more dilute than what was specified in the product manual. This is the only way to rectify the problem.
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    My First SWCG Cell Cleaning

    OK, so glad it's working now!
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    My First SWCG Cell Cleaning

    Oops! Thanks for the heads up, I'll see if I can fix that.
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    My First SWCG Cell Cleaning

    Well, after my liner replacement, I worked on getting my salt and CYA back to normal as fast as possible, and I made kind of a critical error. I didn't check the alkalinity of the replacement water, and my pH shot up to over 8 very quickly. Before the water change, I'd beat my alkalinity back...
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    15 Jugs of Chlorine, and what do you get?

    Wait til he's been feeding pucks for awhile and his CYA levels get to over 400, while the pH in the pool drops to <4.0. Bet that will play heck with his flagstone. Both of those measurements were taken from my pool when I took ownership 6 years ago, after the previous owner had religiously...
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    Discount Salt Pool customer service....

    Yes, even though those are DWV ells and they're not intended for pressure applications, I might just wait until/if it fails before I would redo it at this point. First, the pressure shouldn't be anywhere close to what you might see in a water distribution system, and second, to redo it now...
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    Dolphin Oasis Z5 Settings

    I've had a Dolphin Oasis Z5 robot for a few years and I've always used the remote control to adjust the mode. (There are two modes, one that climbs the walls, and one with a shorter cycle that just vacuums the floor.) This year I discovered a battery had exploded inside the remote and...
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    Saltwater pool custodian in ATX

    Hi Marc, I'm just outside of Austin, myself. Ask your questions! There are a lot of folks here who know the answers, and a lot of people like me who are learning as we go.
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    OK, I'm finally ready to contribute to this thread. I just got my liner replaced. This PlastiMayd's (Latham) "Pacific Tide/Prism." Here's the pattern with no water on it as it's being installed: And a more bird's eye view with no water: Today it's completely filled. It looks very dark...
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