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    Pipe froze and broke overnight - In Austin, TX

    BRILLIANT - running hot water now -
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    Pipe froze and broke overnight - In Austin, TX

    oh - and probably couldn't hurt to throw anything you have that floats into the pool (I'm using a couple of foam pellet fillled animals - and a big floaty chair. so the ice on the pool surface isn't pushing too bad on the tile. Probably more a concern with the water BEHIND the tile vs the...
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    Pipe froze and broke overnight - In Austin, TX

    :( II'm in a similar boat in Allen, TX- ran out this morning. turned off the circuit breaker, pulled plugs on the pump and booster pump, and filter seemed to mosly drain out. The booster pump appears frozen already so not sure that helped anything, but the VSP glugged some water out of one...
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    Arduino based IOT integrations (sensors -> dashboard -> affectors)

    Happy glad to share / learn from all of the projects that folks are working on - love the aqualinkd, and started looking at the raspi pool, but everyone has a different tolerance for what they wanted to change and integrate. After running into some grounding issues when I hooked up aqualinkd...
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  8. 1710 pool widget.PNG

    1710 pool widget.PNG

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    Arduino based IOT integrations (sensors -> dashboard -> affectors)

    All, Been working on esp8266 based pool dosing sensor / affectors. Wanted to share the work to date. This is a bunch of little primitives stitched together that permit things like ph, temp, and ORP tracking. I'm a long term user of this forum and happy to try and share some of the work in the...
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    Upgrading to iAqualink

    Ebay isn't the only bet, but it's probably the cheapest - search for "iq20-rs" on the web, and there are a couple of retailers who will sell you the kit. I needed the whole kit as the PDA panel firmware would have required a hardware and software upgrade. (And since Jandy is not so good with...
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    Upgrading to iAqualink

    So just finished this upgrade - couple of pointers. 1) connect it to a access point with limited / no internet filtering - I connected this to a pretty locked up network and it wouldn't talk with the iaqualink server side. (Nothing crazy - but I don't serve add trackers /cookie services, etc...
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    importance of outlet elbow o'ring

    Take some pictures and annotate them - will make it easier to understand.
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    Upgrading to iAqualink

    I've been looking pretty hard core at this and have a similar panel. Mine was installed in 2006 so looking at an iq20-rs which is a full upgrade with wifi on a ps pda setup. Looks like it's a whole board swap. I believe the 20 is a rev over the 900 which supports > 802.11a/b bands (which are...
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    Model - Jandy SHPM 2.5 replacement options - Intelliflow or Jandy VS

    Before and after - the last 90 going into the return after the nature 2 was the one that busted - was happy to take it out. After discovering it here here - my family has always been a big fan of the borax for water feel and sparkle, and never saw one of the nature 2 things before - one less...
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