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    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    Great info, as always! Thanks so much!
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    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    You guys are great! So, if I'm correctly understanding what both Jim's and Dean are suggesting, the orientation of the filter's inlet/outlet ports relative to the pump (or the piping to the Pool) really won't make a significant performance difference. Plus a a more important consideration...
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    New filter: Orientation to pump?

    I just don't know whether this issue is really important, but I believe it's better to ask first than to find out later I could have made a better choice. The shell of my old Tagelus 100D cracked & couldn't be repaired. And it took a LONG time to find a source for my preferred replacement...
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    Texas freeze killed filter, need replacement advice

    As warned in advance here on TFP, my efforts to repair the cracked tank of my Tagelus TA-100D sand filter failed (FYI: I filled the crack with JB Weld & pressure-cinched the tank tightly for 3 days; then sanded inside & out, cleaned with acetone, & installed fiberglass patches (4 layers) inside...
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    Need filter sizing help

    In a different thread, I got some GREAT help completing the wiring for an Easytouch 4 control system I installed for my 20K gal pool with an IntelliFlo 2 VST (3HP) pump & IC40 SWCG. Turned it - worked great, BUT I discovered a crack in the old Tagelus TA-100D (w/ 2" pvc piping) sand filter...
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    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Jim - Thanks for the filter info. I checked and you're sure right about this being a bad time! Just my luck! But I have to do something fairly soon. Checking online, it looks like the prices for either the CCP-320 & the CCP-520 are a lot more than for Pentair's sand filters, but of course...
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    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Thanks James, I do see that now. However, a big part of my misunderstanding is that NO "IntelliFlo COM Port" exists anywhere on my EastTouch. There's a terminal on the Easytouch circuit board marked as both "J20" and as "COM Port", but nothing is marked as "IntelliFlo COM Port" anywhere on...
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    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Thanks again! "since the pump has its own power, only the two data lines get connected." I sure wish Pentair would have mentioned that little fact in the manual! Can you give me any recommendations for cartridge filters I should look at for this 20,000 gallon pool? Bedford & Grapevine are...
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    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    Jim- THANK YOU very much! After reading and acting on your recommendations, I have good news & bad news. Every bit of the good news is due to you . . . and every bit of the bad news is on me! So thanks, thanks, thanks for your great observations and really good advice! As you...
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    EasyTouch 4 -- Self-wiring roadblock

    I hate to have to ask for help on this because I've read so many other posts about it, but I somehow still am getting it wrong. After my old IC40 died, it seemed like a good time to get some automation options for the future, so I bought an EasyTouch 4PSC-IC40. The IC40 went right to work -...
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