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    Hello from Canada

    Thank you. We are getting an inground pool, vinyl. Mostly rectangular. will follow fence line to not look so crooked as it is a small yard. It will be 10x26 in shallow end and grow to 14x26 in the deep end. My current stress is choosing a liner. I am visual and it is hard to make this decision...
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    Cover daily?

    My builder says more and more people are not using covers anymore except for winter (we are in Canada. pool season is about May-October). I am wondering if that is true or if we should be getting a cover to use daily?
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    Hello from Canada

    Hello, I am from Ontario, Canada. We are getting our first pool in and around August, 2021. The countdown is on! I am happy to have found this forum and hope to learn more about what we need to know. Angela
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    Expecting: August 2021 (It's an inground vinyl)

    Hello Everyone, We are taking the plunge to our very first pool! We live in Ontario, Canada. We will be getting a pretty rectangular shaped pool but one side will follow our fence line so it won't look crooked in our small yard. It will be 10x26 on shallow end side and 14-26 on deep end side...