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    Slowly progressing...

    Hahaha...oh my god...I just realized after reading the first five words of your post, I didn't even put it back on!! I knew something wasn't right. Thank you for your post! Edit: I'm going to put it on right now!
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    Slowly progressing...

    So the little adapter I made is nice and dry(y)...but I feel like something is still not quite right. Inside the skimmer was "water spouting" and there was a bumble bee in there that wasn't getting sucked right to the bottom of the basket, but if I take the basket out and put my hand in there...
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    Slowly progressing...

    So this is the little doo dad where I was getting one of my drips… …just on the end with the gray Intex nut, it was dripping where it screwed on to my swg. So I went to Ace to get the box adapters needed to make that Intex compatible fitting… …and Home Depot to get the inch and a half female...
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    Slowly progressing...

    Yes!…it is really nice to pull the cover off to that!
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    Slowly progressing...

    Hello pool people! Pool is open!…but I have some drips(n) I’ll be messing with it later after work if it’s not raining too bad. …still no deck yet either, but we’ve been doing a ton of other stuff.
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    Slowly progressing...

    I closed the pool last Saturday. Now I have to get going on the deck! See ya next season, please be safe everyone!
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    15x24 Oval Pool Install - First Timer - HELP

    We had a lot of rainy Saturdays when we were installing our pool... My thread is here...
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    Happy Independence Day

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    Esther Williams 15x30 above ground

    I wouldn’t recommend INYO for anything, and I don’t think they even have parts for Esther/Johnny pools. Anyway, I have an Esther Williams pool...and the only place I found that had parts is teddy bear pools. The...