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    Check valve placement

    We have the other “no-no” in this forum, an ozoneator. May look into saltwater, but haven’t had any issues yet. Our pool water is like it just came out of the faucet. This part of Florida is great - we love it. I PCS’d to Hurlburt in ‘98 and have been here since! Thanks for the help! I was...
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    Check valve placement

    Yes, we are. I know they’re not recommended, but I deploy a lot and we pay to have our pool taken care of.
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    Check valve placement

    I'm adding a Heat Pump to our pool and I need to add a check valve. All of the installation instructions I see say to install the Check Valve AFTER all the bypass valves and before the feeder (Check valve shown in red). Unfortunately I don't have much room to work with and I'd prefer to add...
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    How to automate/remote control lights with Aqua Plus

    So it looks like you might be able to add a "Aqua Connect Home Network" device and control everything from a computer or phone located on the same network, but it costs about $500. To control from outside your home network, there is a monthly fee. I must add: I do not know anything about your...
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    How to automate/remote control lights with Aqua Plus

    Do you have a normal light switch for turning the lights on? If so, I'd recommend a TP-Link Kasa switch. MUCH more reliable and friendly than a Wemo. I'm replacing all of my Wemo's with Kasa's.
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    IG Heat pump sizing

    I'm pretty much a lurker here, but learn something new every day. We're looking to install a heat pump for our IG pool. I'm not exactly sure of the volume of our pool, but I will attach what the builders gave us before installation - pretty crude, but that's all I have. It goes from 3' in the...
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    Biting flies near the pool

    You can buy the spray tangle at Home Depot. A lot easier...
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    Replacing Savi Melody S with P?

    Did you ever get an answer?
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    Biting flies near the pool

    That's close to what we do. We get a beach ball, spray paint it black, then use the spray tangle on it. Then we'll hang it somewhere close and they flies go straight for it!
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    Timer for pool light

    I've been considering this for a while too, and I think I'm going to get a TP-Link Kasa wifi switch and put in a good waterproof cover. I'll be able to turn it on and off (and switch colors) using my phone, and I'll be able to set a timer to turn it on and off any/every day. They're also Alexa...
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    What Does It Take To Fix This?

    We were having a lot of issues with out baskets because of our neighbors Birch tree. I could clean the pool and instantly it would be dirty again with leaves and seeds. The seeds would get so bad that the skimmer would fill up and suck the basket down. This year I purchased a "Skim-A-Round"...
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    Best Outdoor UV Fabric Protector?

    Take a look at 303 UV Protectant Spray. 303 Protectant Spray
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    Someone must make this?

    I use a Raspberry Pi running Kodi. The output of the Pi goes into the amp, then out to the speakers around the pool. I have my entire music library linked to Kodi, can stream anything from my phone and control everything from my phone. I also have the Amp on a Wemo, so I can turn it on and...
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    help with outdoor sound system

    I have a Pi running Kodi and it works great! I can play all of my music, create playlists and stream radio stations.