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    How often to clean pump strainer basket and relieve pressure from the valve in filter?

    I am experiencing the exact same thing. My neighbors have several very large mature pines right next to the fence. If I don’t change out the skimmer socks a couple of times a week, my pressure drops. It dropped so much my salt cell quit working due to low flow and I didn’t realize it. I also...
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    Preparing for vacation (in July)

    This makes me wish that someone made dry acid pucks... but I guess they would have sulfates in them, but still...
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    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    I experienced side effects about 7 hours after the shot. Slight fever, chills, body aches. Extreme fatigue, I slept an entire day. Oh and I got an itchy rash on my arm at the injection site that lasted about 4 days. My wife got Pfizer and had no side effects whatsoever.
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    C-19 Vaccine-I got one

    Tomorrow will be two weeks since my second dose of Moderna.... totally getting a real haircut this weekend!
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    A day late and $170 short.

    Potassium Monopersulfate its just the non-chlorine shock.
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    Outdoor TV Wiring Setup

    You got a wiring diagram of what your planning? It sounds like with your plan you will need to send a signal from the house to the outside TV and then feed an audio signal from the outside TV (you want to use the apps on the smart TV) back to your amp in the closet correct? It would simplify...
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    What's your PERFECT pool temp? What's the minimum for you to jump in?

    85 is perfect! 75 is painful for the first 5 minutes or so.
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    Another Outside Speaker Question

    For my needs at my pool which is basically just some background music, I chose to go with free. I just used old junk I had lying around wired to some cheap dual branded speakers I put under the eve of my shed. I had an old class D amp (which died so I replaced it with a $40.00 class T amp that...
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    Dolphin Nautilus Stops randomly

    My nautilus CC plus started moving slower and would stop after a few minutes. It was less then a year old so I called Maytronics. They said it was the power supply and sent me a new one and it solved the issue.
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    Solar Skimmer robot - has anyone purchased this model - scam ?

    I like it a lot. It really helps with skimming. We have a bunch of old pine trees on my neighbors lot and during a storm or when it’s just windy we get a lot of pine needles in the pool. I sometimes still have to use the net, but I only get the big branches and pine cones out with the net and...
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    Solar Skimmer robot - has anyone purchased this model - scam ?

    I have not tried that one, but I have an instapark betta and with my pool with lots of trees around it gets used daily. I am skeptical of that add myself. They have a PayPal option though so one would think that you should be pretty safe with that. The only other thing they would get is your...
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    Replacement Pump Recommendations

    If you are replacing it entirely, you might as well go with a variable speed. After July of this year you might not be able to buy a new single speed or two speed pump anymore anyway. I have the Pentair superflo VST and it’s great. It really doesn’t use much electricity at all. Below is what...
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    Outdoor speakers and equipment I need

    My class D just started acting up a bit so I replaced it with a class T. I think the class T sounds a bit better.