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    Chlorine freshness

    A method I have used in the past is to use PoolMath to find out how much 10% to add to raise my FC 2ppm. After adding that amount of older chlorine, I wait about 1/2hr (with pump running on high), then test FC again to see how much the "PoolMath Recommended" amount ACTUALLY raised my FC level...
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    Chlorinating a winterized pool

    I could see running a robot around as being enough to stir the water up as you are adding chlorine
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    Closing pool recommendations......

    I do as richierich said (I drain the water off the cover and pull off the leaves with a skimmer). One other trick I learned, is I re-connect my entire pump hoses about a week ahead of when I plan on opening my pool and then re-fill my pool (beneath the cover). I found it fills up the filter...
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    Pump/motor and I’ve about had it...

    A general rule of thumb regarding motors is, excessive noise AND excessive heat is almost always a result of the motor meeting resistance (binding)! Whether in the motor or pump can be isolated by separating the and running the pump alone. Sounds as though you are on the right track to isolating...
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    Closing pool recommendations......

    The "common" theory I've heard around here is that when you know the water temp will be below 65 degrees, the majority of the time, it's fine to close. As far as draining vs. covering (and winterizing), that's up to you and the style of pool (if it is NOT a pool that can be taken down, I would...
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    Recent rains, chlorine out of wack, cloudy water

    Going on the last part of your 1st paragraph, "Tests at .5 chlorine with 3ppm combined.". If that means .5ppm "Free Chlorine" and 3ppm "Combined Chlorine", something is consuming your chlorine in your pool. If I am correct, FC + CC = TC. Your CC should not be above .5ppm at any given time (maybe...
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    White River Pump Hums - Help!

    Hello and welcome! Question: When it hums, does it pop the breaker or a GFCI ?
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    Blue Wave Tidalwave Pool Pump Humming - Troubleshooting Exhuasted

    You stated: "If I place the filter on "waste" or "rinse" or "backwash," the pool begins to empty." Is the water draining under pressure, or does it seem as though it is just a "siphoning" type of flow?
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    Need help wiring 2 speed pump

    As jblizzle stated, 100% YES !!! I just upgraded my single speed pump to a 2-speed Pentair (1 HP) this season quite easily (also connected to a timer). Just to be safe, I upped the 2 times it runs per day by 1/2 hour because it runs primarily on low speed. P.S. I've also seen the savings on my...
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    Tadpoles, Frogs and Algae... OH MY! - Help me!!

    Hello and welcome !!! Don't be overwhelmed :D. I admit all of this is intimidating at first, but after a short period, it becomes rather routine (almost to the boring level ... LOL). The experts on here will walk you through the intimidating parts thoroughly and easily!!! As far as vacuuming up...
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    Low Speed Flow Rate

    Hopefully someone with more knowledge about those specs will chime in shortly to help you out. Sorry I can't be more help :(
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    Low Speed Flow Rate

    After thinking about it, you might be able to compare ratios using the RPM's on the label:
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    Pump Label.jpg

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    Low Speed Flow Rate

    Don't know if this will help, but this is the 2-speed Pentair pump I bought for my pool. The link below is to it's description page, but I don't understand how to read the "Performance Curve" they show for GPM. Hope it may help! Good Luck !!! 2-Speed Pump
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    Hayward pumps?

    I once had a rear wiper arm on an SUV break (only 1-1/2yrs old), and they fought me about giving me a new one at the service counter because I took off the broken one and brought it to them (only a nut held it on so I removed it). I ended up winning and getting a replacement, but only after...