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    Grill Dome?

    I don't care what make of ceramic smoker that you buy but.... You all must check out the egghead forum. This is where you will learn to do sooo much more with your cooker than you can imagine or at least I did (I actually bought it strictly as a smoker). Some things I have tried because of...
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    Gotta love a nice pair of Butts

    These were smoked with John Henry Pecan rub with hickory smoke. You just can't possibly mess these up with any ceramic cooker.
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    Awesome Ribs

    We can always throw on a few extra slabs, make sure you bring swim suits !!!!
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    Awesome Ribs

    These are done at a dome temp of 250. I use to do the 3-1-1 method but with much playing around have went strictly gone indirect with no foiling at all. Testing for "doneness" by lifting the slabs in the middle and if they bend downward quite a bit will acheive a consistency of meat that will...
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    It's no Molly Brown....

    We get a 2 pack with inflatable beverage holders for 29.99 at BJ's. It really is a multi position float, if you want to sit upright just swing your legs down and it will allow you to float in a sitting postition, or you can let the float at the feet end come up under the knees for a different...
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    I kept coming home to bird droppings on a certain 36 ft of coping around the pool. I was in the pool with my son and watched as they would fly in and land on the coping and dip their food into the water, eat and then take flight at which point they would leave their present for me to clean off...
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    Super Big Umbrella.... Experience anyone?

    Nice thing about the umbrella is that when a hurricane comes it can easily be taken out of the umbrella base and stored in the garage.
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    "View New Posts" not working for me

    I have been experiencing problems when using Firefox. It will require me to log in twice, then I will not be able to use the "view posts since last logon" feature. It will always show 0 new posts. But works fine when I use IE though.
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    Super Big Umbrella.... Experience anyone?

    Are you thinking about one of these? I bought the first one on the left at a local home and garden show for $800.00 (at the time the cheapest I could find them on the web was in the $900.00 range). Several months later we found them at our local BJ's for $399.99. The only difference between...
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    DIY Magnetic Stirrer

    The unit that I purchased for $35 on ebay is the older style unit that Paul use to make and did not come with beaker and stir bar. The new version is somewhat smaller.
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    Average FC that you maintain?

    FC = 4-6 Depending on CYA CYA = 60-80 Pump RT 6hrs. from Oct. - April, 8 hrs from April - Oct.
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    DIY Magnetic Stirrer

    I did make an AC version with a old pc fan but it just wasn't very convenient. When I looked into making a decent DC version it was going to run around $37. Went on ebay just to see what was available and most DC powered stirrers were over $75 used and not in very good condition. Then I came...
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    Portable Magnetic Stirrer from Apollo Pools

    I have had one of Paul's older units (slightly larger that the one that is being sold now) for several months now and totally agree that this is one helpful little machine. Sure makes the CH test a breeze.
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    What is the BEST lounger /raft?

    Bought one of these Baja adjustable chairs last year for my wife and she loves it. The one that I bought is adjustable from a totally upright position to a flat position. The chair seems that it will hold up for a few years at this rate.