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    Dusty Pool Water from Tree Removal

    I am looking into manually vacuuming to filter. It seems like all I need is a vacuum head and maybe a hose? Wondering if I am able to reuse the polaris hose but maybe I need to get a separate vacuum hose from videos. Do I need to get a good vacuum head or will one at Walmart do in order to get...
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    Dusty Pool Water from Tree Removal

    Hi, We removed 4 trees that were over our pool finally and doing so means a lot of fallen leaves, branches, and dust got into the pool. We have skimmed and fished out as much stuff as we can and am running the filter overnight at high RPM. We've cleaned/brush the pool earlier but noticed there...
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    Balancing PH

    What if we don’t use the pool regularly? We seem to use it maybe once every two weeks or less. Can we add liquid chlorine over the recommended CH/CYA chart but under SLAM so we don’t have to add everyday? Is there any pros/cons to doing it this way?
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    Balancing PH

    Thanks! I had no idea. Not sure how to share it like you but here are my logs!
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    Balancing PH

    I have and use pool math. 😀 such a great app and couldn’t do it without TFP help! Thank you!
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    Balancing PH

    O Thanks for confirming! Yes, the water line isn’t beautiful with the calcium scale but we will deal with it for now. If you have any tips on maintaining it, please let me know.
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    Balancing PH

    Hi, So I’ve been testing our pool regularly now for a few months and have regular been adding liquid chlorine according to the CH/CYA chart. Most recently, I’ve noticed a spike in PH and so had gotten some muriatic acid to lower the PH. Since then, it seems like Ph has been a little high every...
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    Lowering Alkalinity

    Thank you!!! I will go get some acid on my grocery run. My pool will need water added at some point. How does adding water affect levels? I assumed it affects all test?
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    Lowering Alkalinity

    Hi, We have an excessive heatwave upon us and I tested the water today. I knew it already needed liquid chlorine so was planning to add some today. My TA is looking to be out of the ideal range. How do I lower this? I have some baking soda that is in the shed that was left over from the...
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    Away from pool for 1 week

    I completed OCLT this morning and my FC and CC remains the same. I think it’s safe to say there isn’t anything such as algae in the water consuming the chlorine. Is this correct? I think I understand that it is just a matter of maintaining my chlorine level daily based on my CYA and not let it...
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