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    pump timer broken again

    I've replaced two this summer alone. Seems to happen after storm /power surge. I just returned it to the store and they gave me another no questions asked......seems odd....the timer that controls my pool cleaner looks like the original install and is still going strong. both timers are in the...
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    Pool heater and mice

    That looks like the work of rats
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    Leaky backwash valve issue

    I had the same exact problem with my push/pullvalve...replaced mine with this updated design from pentair. as you can see they changed the top of the valve to a threaded on end cap instead of that dreaded set screw. ... 7Aod-xcA0g
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    Correcting wrong replastering

    I'd stay with the white plaster and a BIG discount on the renovations The other options may make the situation worse
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    New Pool -- Southlake, TX (near Dallas)

    My pool light is also a 500 watt bulb. Check out the link below to see the blue lens installed in my pool. pic-of-my-pool-at-night-4th-of-july-t66526.html
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    New Pool -- Southlake, TX (near Dallas)

    I put one of those blue colored plastic lenses on did cut down the glare...I think there about 10 dollars at leslies.
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    Qn on backwash valve

    Sounds like you have the push/pull type of valve? post a pic if you can...I have the push/pull valve and it broke after 17 yrs of use....this is the one I replaced it with...It is the updated version by Pentair and is much improved over the early design valve. The multiport is nice to have...but...
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    Pic of my pool at night 4th of July

    Night shot of my pool on the 4th of July 2013....went with the blue pool lens for the summer holiday. sparkling clean water since I ditched the trichlor and went with bleach when I joined TFP last year. Pool was built in 1994...still all original plaster.
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    no skimmer flaps

    On the oem replacement weir for the Hayward 1070 skimmer, it comes with a new lower hinge/frame attached...this will attach to the skimmer housing with a single screw in the center of the lower hinge/frame.
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    Part way Through Build, Loads of Pictures!

    denaw, Are you on Lake Conroe? I grew up boating on Conroe in the 70's and 80's...I'm sure it's much more crowded now. Your pool build is awesome! I'm in Denton TX...originally from Spring TX......Looks like you will have a fun summer! congrats!
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    What's your current pool temp?

    62 degrees at 10am cst!
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    Wanted: Equipment Pad Pics

    Okay, Lets see those equipment pads! [Merged from a similar new thread ... jblizzle] Pentair Challenger 1.5hp pump/motor...Pentair TR-60 sand filter (new) with updated/improved push/pull backwash valve...and the Polaris booster pump. Jandy 2 way valves control two skimmers and the main drain...
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    Cracked skimmer

    Marine Tex epoxy putty.....they use it to make temp repairs to boat hulls.....can be used underwater may work for you...I think Permatex makes a similar product they sell at Walmart.
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    My rescued pool
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    new here but not new to pools

    Hi everyone, I just discovered this site...what a wealth of information and helpful members........Just recently purchased a foreclosed home with a badly neglected last experience with a gunite pool was when I still lived at home (parents) 30 yrs ago...back then it was my job to...