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    Until they aren’t. :-)
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    Doheny Discovery troubleshooting

    Mine is the same age as yours and I also have that back and forth thing going on. It still cleans the pool, but spends an inordinate amount of time doing the Texas two-step. As I recall, around the time I purchased it, some folks were having this issue and the manuf said there was a software...
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    Using half amounts with FAS DPD?

    I did that during a SLAM last season and found it to be crazy unreliable. I won’t be doing that again.
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    Kill it with fire.
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    Confused about FC level and dosage when using Poly-Quat 60 at closing

    What, if any, is the downside to using too much poly? In other words, if I dump a full bottle in there when 1/2 bottle is called for.
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    Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread

    Yesterday I took the lid off the skimmer and saw a layer of leaves that needed to be removed. Stuck my hand down there to scoop them out and withdrew an unseen snake. I threw it in one direction and took off running in the other. It's time to remove the skimmer sock and install the skimmer angel.
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    Outdoor Pavilion Build

    Looks great! When’s happy hour?
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    Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread

    Yesterday, I found a lively frog in the pool as I was doing my morning water testing. I grabbed the net to get him out, and he somehow escaped my grasp and appeared to disappear into thin air. I could not find him anywhere. I assumed he had escaped into the dark reaches of the skimmer behind...
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    Official 2020 Pool Critters Thread

    Dead mouse this morning. So far, no snakes this year, but we’re just getting started.
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    Outdoor Pavilion Build

    Looking good!
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    Pool at 93 and is too hot! What to do....

    Your kids won’t care.
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    Aqua Rite cannot set salt lower than 3900

    Leslies or any pool store for that matter cannot be relied upon to provide accurate test results. You must do your own testing with a quality test kit. For now, go with what your SWCG is telling you until you can reliably test on your own.
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    Is this a cell or circuit board issue?

    And just like that, I’m a stupid. @JamesW , you sir, are a walking operators manual. Thanks so much!
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    Is this a cell or circuit board issue?

    Or perhaps not an issue at all. I’m experiencing some strange diagnostic numbers on my Aquarite SWCG system. This morning, I moved the switch to “Super Chlorinate” and went out a couple of hours later to check the water temperature. I found some odd numbers. It does not show the temp, nor...