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    Need help to fix a botched concrete pool deck job

    I can promise you the wavy edges were purposely put there by the builder. Your concrete appears textured to resemble stone, so those edges appear organic. The crack is more problematic. All concrete cracks. It just does. You can resurface with an epoxy coating, but it will eventually crack...
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    They left water in the skimmer when they closed my pool/just found out

    *warning* Stupid question follows: I don't understand why ice in skimmer would crack it. The water/ice is not contained as it would be in a pipe. Can't the ice just expand upward the same as it does in an ice tray?
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    Things are moving along

    I’m just a man with a testosterone infection, but I don’t see a big problem here.
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    Backwash Frequency

    What Jim said. I backwashed once last season, and that was at the start when I had to SLAM.
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    @Neemer Just seeing what that does.
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    Hayward 400FDN Troubleshooting

    I had the same issue with my propane 200FDP. You can find a thread I had on it with a quick search.
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    Just Finished Building Pool, Got a Job Offer Across Country

    Easy decision. Real easy.
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    Pool Winterization, specifically skimmer winterization.

    IMO, you should do whatever gives you peace of mind.
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    So I watched the TFP youtube vid on closing

    It brought to mind a couple of questions. The vid says to “bring the shock level up and hold it overnight”. Up to what? Then it says to allow the CL to drop to half of normal level. If my “normal” FC target is 5, I am to allow it to drop to 2.5? I don’t think I’ve read this guidance...
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    Pool Newb from Virginia

    Welcome, neighbor! Do you have a pool or are you looking to get one?
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    LED Light winterization...I need a sanity check here

    I did nothing to the lights. I drained the water down 18” and at that level, the lights are still underwater by a few inches.
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    Fiberglass build in NoVa

    I admire your presence of mind and clear thinking in this process. I was a bit impetuous. :D
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    RESOLVED! Troubleshooting Hayward H200FDP Heater

    I know everyone has been on the edge of their seats all summer waiting to see how this turned out, so I thought I would post a quick epilogue. :laughblue: After exhausting every known hack, I called in a pool guy to take a look. He determined I needed a new gas valve and wanted nearly $500 to...