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    Liquid shock in Maryland

    Anyone have any advice on the best place to get liquid shock in MD. I'm in Howard county. For the past 7 years I've been getting 4 packs of Austin’s Pool Tech Shock (liquid chlorine 12.5%) from the BJs wholesale club in Columbia, but I was there this week and they didn't have it. Maybe too...
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    Austin's pool tech shock

    I can't figure out the date code. I have a box from last year with code 1617927MA-1(2) Can someone break that down for me? Thanks!
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    Adding Polyquat 60 at higher FC?

    Hello, Getting ready to close here in MD. I shocked and now my FC is at 14, cya is 90, and ph is 7.75. The instructions on the polyquat say to add with FC at 1 to 3ppm, but since the pool is covered and it's cold, that FC is not wanting to drop. I really want to take care of closing the...
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    replace existing loop-loc for free form pool

    Hello, My existing loop-loc cover is shot. What would be the best strategy for replacing it? I think it may have come from a local pool supply place, would they have a record of the order so maybe I could get the exact same thing? Or could I send the old one back somehow (it's pretty big 50'...
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    Confused by TF100 DPD FC numbers

    I measured the deep end tonight from the edge of the diving board and it was close to 9'. I wasn't able to reach the deepest part. I'll remeasure the shallow when the FC drops enough to get in, but pretty sure it's about 4'. I put length=48, width=18, deep=9 shallow=4 into a calculator I...
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    Brushing stains

    Great I will give that a shot. Any words of warning? Is it possible to do damage by brushing too much?
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    Confused by TF100 DPD FC numbers

    Def using 10ml. The pool is a funky shape: [attachment=0:37nepr4f]pool_sm.jpg[/attachment:37nepr4f] but it is 48feet long and 18 feet wide at the deep end, and has about a 9 foot deep end and a 4 foot shallow end. Could that be 40K?
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    Name that valve

    LOL... Can't really tell any difference if it's closed. Must have something to do with the paramount valves. I've done some testing and it's not the connection between the two paramount valves and it's not the connection between the paramount valves and the filter outlet.
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    Confused by TF100 DPD FC numbers

    Hello, I'm just getting started and some of my numbers are not making sense. I've had the pool open for a month and I've had the water clear for about a week. I have the pool at 40K gallons because that's what the pool store said it was. Last night I wanted to shock it so I added 2 gallons...
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    Name that valve

    Does anyone know what this valve could be for? There is water running through it when the pump runs. I'm stumped.
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    Brushing stains

    Sorry for slacking on the response time. I was pretty sure it was a concrete pool. Can you tell it's vinyl from the pictures? If it is concrete can I wire brush it? All of the surface feels rough. I've had the house for about a year and it wasn't opened last summer. I've used only bleach...
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    Brushing stains

    Well I finally got the water clear, and now I can see all the stains! I've been scrubbing these with my standard nylon bristle brush and making no progress. Could these stains be live algae? Should I try a wire bristle brush? Can I damage the surface by brushing too much or too hard? Thanks!
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