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    Help me with math! How much does it cost to run my intex pool pump?

    So about .072 cents per hour? Thank you so did you find the wattage?
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    Help me with math! How much does it cost to run my intex pool pump?

    I found a few sites that let me put numbers in to calculate cost of electricity for my intex pool pump but I'm getting roughly $100+ per month if I ran the pump 24/7, is that accurate? I have the Intex 26651EG 3000 GPH sand filter pump I read on the site that I bought the pump from that it was...
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    Spectracide wasp & hornet killer in mah pool

    So there was some bees on a float, in my pool....lots of bees, i sprayed them with this stuff Shop Spectracide Wasp and Hornet Killer at so there is probably a whole can of this in my pool now....should i be worried? lol i'm not a smart person.
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    Thinking about doing a backyard zipline...can anyone recommend a good forum for that?

    I want to do a backyard would be roughly 450' long....i want this to be safe and would love to read up on the subject and be able to ask questions as well. Does anyone know a good online resource for this? I've been googling but the subject seems sparse.
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    My very stable ladder

    Thank you for the idea!
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    Should I add more bleach?

    Added bleach to get me to 16ppm (thats all the bleach i had on me) went and bought 3 gallons this morning....tested again just now and it says i'm still at 16ppm, i have no idea how.....its very hot and full sun this morning. It says my CC is 0.....but when i added the bleach yesterday my...
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    Should I add more bleach?

    Thank you for the verification!
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    Should I add more bleach?

    Recently refilled my pool. ph was around 7.4 and then i added CYA to get me to 70, baking soda to get my TA to 60 Now i'm at.... ph 7 TA 60 CYA (i'll assume its 70) I just added it yesterday evening Before I added the cya i added bleach to kill the tadpoles....then i came inside and read on...
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    Recommendations for seeing the bottom to vacuum

    Absolutely agree. I cannot vacuum without wearing my polarized sunglasses! or you could gently slip into the pool and wear some goggles and do it underwater and have your neighbors think you've lost your marbles, whichever way works :) Also, in my cheapo intex pool i make sure the return isnt...
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    Intex fountain and pump running while in the pool

    Why does intex make a fountain if you are not supposed to be in the pool when the pump is running? intex fountain
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    Intex flex hose to PVC connection is leaking

    I replaced the intex hose with a different one (new one) and used teflon tape and it stopped the leak for now...i suppose that hose was stripped. I'd like to find someone to blame that on.....any takers??
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    Intex flex hose to PVC connection is leaking

    It looks like the same gasket I used....i stole it from the 6 way valve (I have spares) can kind of see it in picture 2. I used the Cantex + intex nut on one part of the 'T' in picture 2 and it is holding fine. The problem is the 1 1/2" pvc thread doesnt quite match the pitch of the...
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    Intex flex hose to PVC connection is leaking

    I followed instructions on the internet to connect my intex hoses to pvc and the connections are leaking....anyone done this with success? What step did I miss? I even added the gasket from the intex 6-way valve because it seemed to be a perfect fit! picture 1 picture 2
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    Intex: Can I swap out pumps and leave the sand tanks alone?

    I think my old one is 16" diameter also, but it does say the new tank is like 120lbs of sand and my old one said (i think) 100...but 100 lbs of sand didnt quite fit. I just ordered another bag of sand from Ace, they have 25% coupon too! :) Is there any issue to me saving the sand I just put...