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    Bad pool boy!

    Point being it’s about respect, we live on a golf course lot so the only place that would give him privacy is over in the corner where the pumps are. However, my cameras clearly captured him and I watched it in live time. After confronting him, I went and there was urine all over the equipment...
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    Bad pool boy!

    JJ_tex, I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be malicious, but for him to pee all over my pool equipment or even in my backyard is disrespectful! I would never pee in anyone’s yard, I guess women think differently. He could have knocked and asked and I would have gladly let him in. I take pride in my yard!
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    Bad pool boy!

    Hi Guys, I have a question! I have had the same pool company and the technician in particular has only been servicing my pool for 6mo because my previous pool technician left the company. I never have any contact with the technicians because I’m usually not home and just leave gate open and mail...
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    New From California

    Hi My Name is Beth, we are starting our second pool build in 2 years. We sold our home 2 weeks after getting keys. Anyhow, I decided to add a spa this time around. My new pool is 18 x 34 with a perimeter of 96ft 3.5 ft to 6ft deep. I’m wondering if this is going to be big enough for family of 4?
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    Post what your pool cost you to build...

    We are starting a new build 18 x 34 with 7 ft spa including Satin Matrix 1300 sq foot of deck along with tanning ledge 5 by 6 ft the cost is 68k here in California. We also added 3 sheer cascade water falls.