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    Micro Bubble Solar Covers?

    I recently purchased one of these. It was the "high quality" 3200 version at Doheny. The short answer is pass this one by, and find something else. I am an avid user of Solar covers. I track both my pool temperature and the amount of Sun exposure (Incoming Solar radiation /Isolation) that the...
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    Looking for Solar Cover recommendations

    Hi all. I know lots of people here think solar covers are disposable, but at least for me, they are not. Mine last a lot longer than 2 seasons. My last one, which is just starting to go is 6 years old. I am pulling out a few "bubbles" from the skimmer a day from it. I keep the cover on 99%...
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    Pool Builder in Maryland? Ballpark pricing?

    This might help with coming up with an estimate. Someone made their own. He details material costs, and his labor time in the comments. It might help you figure out the cost in your area. There are a few videos of before and after.
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    Neglected Pool Rehab (13 years)

    Hi Laura, I had my liner replaced last year. It was a horrible experience. It is still not right. As of now. I still owe them $800, and have a list of things to fix. They mismeasured outliner as well, and lied about it stretching and fixing itself. I thought they were the experts and...
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    Tankless Water Heater to Heat My Pool

    Just to add to how much energy the SUN adds to the pool here is what I get. I track it daily. I get full sun from sunrise to 3:00PM, and then shade starts to hit and becomes 75% shaded by 6:30PM. I generally go up 4-5 degrees on the best days 6AM until 7PM. I typically lose 2 degrees at...
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    Tankless Water Heater to Heat My Pool

    Job well done!
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    Liner Install

    Thanks. I appreciate your input. I am working with the pool company to figure out next steps. The pool is closed for the season. I wanted to be armed with facts and not just trust them on their word. I am guessing they will push back on buying a new liner. I really appreciate all the replies...
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    Liner Install

    Thanks for the info. It is what we suspected, but are not experts and wanted to get a better second opinion.
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    Liner Install

    Hi All! I inherited my pool when I bought my house. I have had it for 5 years now. Thank you for everyone that posts here for making the last 5 years for making my pool trouble free. This past year we had our liner replaced. We considered doing it ourselves, but we worried that if we ran...
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