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    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    It's been forever since I have updated. It went sooooo sloooow for a while, but then it all started moving really quickly again. I will have pictures soon. The decking is coming along and tomorrow we put in the pebble. Friday acid wash and start filling. The guys are coming out Saturday to start...
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    Seal or not my flagstone coping

    Is your company local or national?
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    Paver Brands - New Install in NJ

    We are doing pavers. We are going with Belgard. I am trying to decide between the Montecido color or the Victorian color. Anyone have any opinions on those?
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    Sealing the Concrete?

    I don't want to hijack the thread, but I am also looking at what to do with sealing my pavers and natural stone. I have quartzite flagstone coping and some of it will also be used in areas of my decking along with pavers. I am hoping to use a sealer that will both protect well, but also enhance...
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    Seal or not my flagstone coping

    I have quartzite flagstone coping. When dry it looks very dull and not very colorful. When wet, it is beautiful. We will also be incorporating flagstone into parts of the decking. It has been suggested to me to that if I seal the flagstone, it will get the same darker look that would pull the...
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    SoCal *Splash* Pool

    Hi Neighbor, I'm in Carlsbad, not far from you. My husband actually works in Poway. Your view is wonderful out the back. I love your tile choices. Those 1x1 tiles will look great on the wall. I am excited to see how your build goes. I'm curious who your builder is? Maybe you can pm me since...
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    Still happening...plaster completed!

    I'm sorry you are still waiting. I am stuck too. It has been so slow since they did the gunite. We are finally working on tile and coping which should be done by the end of the week. Then we have decking. Talked with my decking contractor, and he may not be able to start next week, which will...
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    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    I have a tile and grout question and need opinions. 1. What color grout for the water line tile? We are going with NPT Orion glass tiles in peacock color. They have sparkle and look medium blue in sunlight but look dark blue in shade/indoors as the picture here shows. I want to try to pull the...
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    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    Finally, tile and coping begins today! Is there anything that I need to pay special attention to?
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    Pool just finished with the pebble. Acid wash and fill tomorrow! Pics included

    Your pool looks great. I love the tile and color. What color of pebble did you use? We are also going with NPT Orion, but are going with the darker Peacock color.
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    New Build in SoCal - Pebble tomorrow, Start up Saturday

    Boy did things slow down after the gunite. Right now my backyard looks like a warzone. Because of the tight space in my yard, they only stubbed the plumbing prior to gunite. Now they have gone in and trenched it. The plumbing, electrical and gas are not all lined in the trenches. We can't do...
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