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    Vacuum screenings

    Bump. Anyone know what this is? I found it in the dolphin's filter again tonight. It has the feel of lint almost. Not losing chlorine at all. passed 2 consecutive OCLT.
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    Vacuum screenings

    This is what was in the filter of the dolphin today.
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    Vacuum screenings

    We just purchased a new pool cleaner. We had a Polaris pressure side cleaner that was no longer effective. We now have a Dolphin Triton PS. I ran the cleaner twice to get everything off of the bottom. It did a great job! However, the filter on this cleaner is very fine, which is a good thing...
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    New to pool care

    I must have seen something wrong there oops! Didn't know about the 25 ml sample. Good to know! Thanks! -Mike
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    New to pool care

    Just curious as a new owner of a test kit.... How are you getting a FC reading of .7? I thought it would only measure in .5 increments. Thanks, Mike
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    CYA Question

    Hello, New to TFP and I have a few questions regarding stabilizer. I completed a test, all except for calcium hardness, and here are the results: FC- 6.5 CC- 0 Ph- 7.5 TA- 120 CYA- 20 I have a SWG so I clearly need to get the CYA up. Here are my questions: When completing the test should I...
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    Hello from NC

    Hello TFP! We installed our pool in 2014 and we have opened up in anticipation of the warm weather season! We have a 20 by 40 radius rectangle, 3ft to 8ft in vinyl. All our equipment is Jandy, except for the Polaris pressure side robot. We live in NC, just about 20 minutes west of Charlotte...
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    What's your current pool temp?

    We have had 4 inches of rain and unseasonable cool weather. We were all the way up to 79 degrees and the rain and cool dropped it all the way back down to 65. We were so close!!