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    Buying different house for pool - Things to check for

    Find a house without an HOA. Then do whatever you want!
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    Complete green algae

    Without the proper kit we can't really tell whats going on with your pool to help you out. The recommended kits have specific tests in them that the other cheaper test kits do not.
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    The pool industry has conditioned everyone to see a product called "shock" and they think it's a one and done process.
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    Dolphin M200 Leaves Piles of Dirt

    I have an inground vinyl with an s200 and no issues. Seems odd.
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    New to Saltwater Generators

    Shut off the SWGs but leave pumps running. Go get 2 gallons of 10% liquid chlorine and add them at dusk once the sun is off the water. 30 minutes after you add the liquid chlorine, do a FC test and see what it says. Then the next morning before the sun hits the water, test your FC again and post...
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    So it finally begins!! Liner replacement..

    My liner came with a sheet of paper from GLI that had their CAD drawing on it as well as a serial number sticker.
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    So it finally begins!! Liner replacement..

    The steps were a lot of work and took me several days. Hanging the new liner took my wife and I about 20 minutes then I was vacuuming it. I also did a wet install, getting in that icy cold water for drains and fittings sucked but all worth it! My total cost for the step Epoxy kit and new liner...
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    Algea bloom? Initial pool setup help

    As you add the new water it round be a good idea to add a quart or so if chlorine once the pool is a quarter full.
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    Source for dolphin robot caddy

    Walmart says out of stock. I'm thinking one of those furniture mover dolly with a handle and a couple blocks to hold the robot off the brushes might work.
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    Source for dolphin robot caddy

    I am looking for a caddy for my robot. Its very inconvenient sitting in my sunroom. However, they are either not available or someone wants $300 for on on ebay used. Thinking of making my own. Anyone have a line on a caddy?
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    Sand filter pressure low

    I am going to order a 0-30 on Monday when the ol paycheck hits
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    Sand filter pressure low

    Soooo I was adding DE the other day and saw it coming out of my returns just a smidgen. GRRRRR I backwashed the filter well and noted the pressure as being 1 or nothing, needle barely off the zero post (0-100 gauge) Pulled the top of the MPV and this is what I found. Put a new spider gasket in...
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    not sure what is causeing this

    Your CYA is too high and "locking down" your FC so it can't effectively fight algae. That's what I believe it to be. Tablets are the devil!