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    Losing Prime

    Thanks for pointing out a similar thread and have read through it. It gave some ideas, thanks Hi, thanks for responding to this thread. I have a Pentair sandfilter. A couple of days ago, it did have some air under the basket lid and was also blowing air bubbles back into the pool. Currently it...
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    Hi From Atlanta, GA

    Hi, I’m Mike 2021 and bought an existing house with a pool like a year ago. Our pool is more then 10 years old an has a spa and pool. I’m new to be a pool owner and enjoy the usage of it. With my mechanical background, I’m interested to learn the ins and out of maintaining our pool.
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    Losing Prime

    Hi Everyone, I’m new to the forum as I’m having a pool for just a couple of months. I’m having issues with loosing prime when I switch off the filterpump. When I switch it off, I see air appearing so quickly that it pushes out water through the suction line back into the pool. It goes that...