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    Thick White buildup around spa tiles

    Hello, Does anyone know what this might be? It doesn't look like calcium buildup, more like white thinset. I am only seeing it around the where else and I have glass tile throughout my pool. My pool was completed about 5 months ago, Is this something that should be addressed by the...
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    New PebbleSheen Pool - Calcium Hardness 150

    I have a new pool that was completed about 50 days ago. Currently my CH level is at 150. Leslie's Pool Supply is telling me that I should not add Calcium Hardness Increaser until the pool is at least 4 months old. Is there any reason for this? FC 4 TC 4 PH 7.6 TA 80 CH 150 CA 60 Phosphates...
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    Pool Pump Plumbing Reconfiguration - Help Needed

    Actually when I turn it on after it has set for a while, there is hardly any water in the pump; at least from what I can tell through the lid. After a few minutes while the pump is running, water starts to flow and the pump starts sending water through the filter. When I shut the filter off...
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    Pool Pump Plumbing Reconfiguration - Help Needed

    I need some advice on how to reconfigure the piping that connects my main pump to the Pentair multi port valve. The threaded connection on top of the pump is leaking and a couple of the connection points on the 90-degree bends are also leaking. The leaks seem to be caused by the movement...