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    What kind of algae is this?

    Thanks. Right, I meant a full test weekly (pH, Alkalinity, Hardness, etc), but I do check chlorine daily or at least every other day.
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    What kind of algae is this?

    I've also slammed twice in the last month, using 12.5% sodium hypochlorite according to the TFP pool app and it did not knock out the algae completely or it came back in a few days. That's about 1.7 gallons of chlorine per shock treatment! As I said, my CYA is at 80 ppm, as a result of using...
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    What kind of algae is this?

    Thanks, Yes I already have an HTH 6-way test kit and test weekly, sometimes daily. Also, use those test strips to get an idea of FC level. My chlorine level is kept in the range of 5-11 ppm and CYA at 80 ppm (Recently abandoned Trichlor). No CYA was added, I've been chlorinating with liquid...
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    What kind of algae is this?

    Does anyone know what kind of algae this might be? It seems to mostly stay on the bottom, not exactly green in color, and pretty resistant to shocking treatments. I've been staying on top of chlorine levels but did go through a few cycles with dry acid trying to adjust my alkalinity. It seemed...
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    Howdy from SoCal

    I'm a somewhat experienced, yet frequently lazy Above Ground Pool owner, who has sworn off of Trichlor for a while. 😊 In opening my pool for the season, I replaced my old Waterway pump with a new Hayward PowerFlow Matrix and re-plumbed with PVC. I've been logging my pool tests in a digital...