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    Pump positioning in relation to filter

    The distances you are describing are not an issue.
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    Pump positioning in relation to filter

    If the gauge does not read 0 when the pump is shut off, the gauge is bad. It needs to be replaced.
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    Maytronics Robot Cleaner and Optimum Pool

    The all have there advantages and disadvantages. Have you compared the features sets on the Maytronics site: The Active 10 and S50 are...
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    Spa Jets

    First with spa jets, you are supposed have air in the lines as that is what cause the bubbles to occur. The vent with the holes is filled with water when the pump is off but when it is turned on, the venturis in the jets suck the water out so air can travel to the jets and get mixed with the...
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    Pressure side sweeper hoses in a vacuum side pool

    I have the Discovery which is a similar cleaner but I do not have any of those issues and my pool is twice as big as yours. So I there might be something wrong with the robot cleaner. How old is the cleaner?
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    Seeking to understand the formula details that PoolMath uses to calculate CSI for a salt water pool.

    All the equations are the same ones that are used in pool math I think it is due to this formula: Math.floor(CSI * 100 + 0.5) / 100 They always round down toward zero. I don't round. [EDIT] Also, I think that the log functions of the two platforms may be giving slightly different answers...
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    Max FPS return loop

    Actually loops do not work all that well. They help but it is far better to go with larger pipe as insurance. With 8 x 10 GPM jets, I would definitely not go less than 2.5" pipe. Remember you are stuck with whatever is installed.
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    Max FPS return loop

    A TEE that is looped around the spa and connected in the back AND each half of the TEE is exactly the same with the same number of jets on each side of the loop will have approximately the same flow rate going through each half of the TEE which means the total flow rate is split in half at the...
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    New DIY Vinly Pool Build - (OH)

    Why not a VS pump?
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    High acid usage in a 2 year old gunite pool

    With fill water that high, you may need to add an acid dosing system. It depends on how much of fill water you rely on and how often you will need to add acid.
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    Seeking to understand the formula details that PoolMath uses to calculate CSI for a salt water pool.

    It uses the same formulas that are in this spreadsheet: Unhide rows 36-42
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    Water not heating enough through solar panels

    What size are the panels? What is the pump make/model? What is the height of the panels relative to the pump? What is the filter pressure without solar running and with solar running?
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    High acid usage in a 2 year old gunite pool

    Have you tried to lower TA? What is your fill water TA & PH?
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    Single return bubbling with weak water flow

    I wouldn't worry about the lower flow on one return. If it feels strong on high speed, the return is fine. Issue is most likely due to the run length of that return vs the other returns. PBs don't go much out of their way to make sure the lines have equal head loss.
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    How High Can/Should I run my pH (SWG)

    8 ppm is not very high. You can safely swim a levels more than twice that. But with a higher CYA, you also need to keep in mind that some of the chlorine is bound to the CYA so it is not active. The amount of HOCL is dependent on the FC level and the CYA level. So 6 ppm FC at 60 ppm CYA has...