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    Wimpy spa jets

    One possibility could be a clogged impeller. But it seems unlikely for both pumps to have the same problem.
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    Wimpy spa jets

    Actually, full rated. Up rated motors have a lower SF. So you removed the jets and flushed the lines?
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    Aqualogic Losing Time?

    In the upper right corner of the board there should be two wires (black and red) that run from the rectifiers to the board. The voltage between those leads should be around 18-33v. This might provide some help as well...
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    Wimpy spa jets

    With 4 jets per pump, a 1 HP pump should be enough. I run 6 jets off a 1 HP. But do you know what size the jet nozzles are. You can try and remove the nozzles and flush the lines to see if there is any debris. BTW, your signature says that they are 1 HP boosters. Can you post a picture of the...
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    Solar Collector Build DIY

    It is a good idea to have the panels drain when the pump shuts off. If it doesn't drain, water could possibly remain in the panels while the sun heats it up to very high temperatures softening the panels and/or piping allowing for them to collapse. As a minimum, one should drill a small hole in...
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    Pentair pump - will only prime when I trick it - any time Variable speed drops below near max, it won't prime again

    To save energy. Unlike a single speed or a two speed, a VS is more flexible and allows you to choose the most energy efficient speed for each task. If there is only one task, such as circulation, then only one speed is necessary and it is usually a low speed. If you have more than one task, you...
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    Pentair pump - will only prime when I trick it - any time Variable speed drops below near max, it won't prime again

    There is no need to run a pump at full speed unless you running spa jets or a large waterfall. It is just waste of energy plus it may possibly damage the filter. You should run mostly at one speed. The lowest speed which the skimmers still function. This is where the water travels over the top...
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    Clear solar cover or full sun?

    Have you actually experimented with either the blue or clear covers on vs off? The color shouldn't matter that much. A clear cover is not that much more transparent to solar radiation than is the blue cover. Both have about 80% transmissivity. So unless you have very high humidity (i.e. low...
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    GPM vs Water velocity and a variable speed pump

    Welcome to forum! First thing is to forget about turnovers. They have absolutely no bearing on water quality. As far as mixing the water, twice the run time at half the flow rate will mix the water just as well: Just run the...
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    Pool Pump Sizing

    I am surprised the pump isn't cavitating at that operating point. But you do realize that with a single speed pump, lowering the head loss actually increases energy use. So while the GPM/Watt increases with lower head loss, you are still using more energy so hopefully the extra flow rate is...
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    Jandy VSP Calculator, if you ever wondered what rpm, pool size, pump size and runtime is right for your pool

    Also, particles that tend to stay suspended in water are most likely less than 2 microns in size so there is no point to try and filter those out since that is beyond the capability of nearly all filters. Anything larger will either float on the surface where a skimmer will capture it or sink to...
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    Pool Pump Sizing

    There are other reasons. A larger VS pump will run at lower RPM for the same flow rate as the smaller VS pump which means less noise. Also, depending on the smaller VS, it may have less features than the larger VS such as automation integration (i.e. SuperFlo vs Intelliflo). Finally, there is...
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    Filter/Pump Upgrades

    The most important is from evening to morning. You want less than 0.5 ppm loss.
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    Spa mode pressure

    Based upon what you have told me, I estimate that the jets are likely 1/4" nozzles. But running those at full speed would be painful to sit in front of. So I am not sure if all the head loss is being caused by the jets. What is the size of the booster and do those jets fell stronger/weaker than...