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    Louvered patio covers

    The only thing I would add is that the equinox has its own drainage leading to a downspout that you can drain anywhere you like.
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    Louvered patio covers

    Yes, we have a louvered system from Equinox. You can open and close them to any degree required. The main reason to install this cover is that it is wind storm certified to withstand winds of 120mph.
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    Finest Finish Micro Fusion Warranty

    I have had it for 8 years with no issues
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    Help with new travertine deck staining. < 3 months install

    I know this has been probably checked, but it appears that the flower boxes on the window sills line up with the stains. I assume they are not leaking and water migrating behind your stills and down the inner wall. ‘I have 3,000 sq. Ft. Of travertine and have seen nothing like this. This stain...
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    I’m sure gate guy did a better job. LOL. Now you can work on putting a stucco finish on the inside walls of your perimeter block wall. :devilish: The gate looks great
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    Pool #2. South Texas. Waterfront property.

    Chris, There were a number of articles written on the subject. I have attached the link to a few of them. Efflorescence on the stone side of weir wall was my biggest concern. 8 years and I run the infinity edge everyday with no problems of delamination or efflorescence. Email me if you have...
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    Infinity edge... tile, epoxy, and other thoughts

    Don't forget to waterproof both side of the weir wall.
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