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    New Pool in Leander, Texas

    Ill add that everyone is anti puck. I mainly use liquid chlorine and a stenner pump but find that pucks are actually useful. For whatever reason, both pools I owned routinely lost CYA and not through leaks. My neighbor who exclusively used pucks had his cya at like 140, so you cant exclusively...
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    New Pool in Leander, Texas

    nice, austin is taking around 2-3 months for permits. It is ridiculous.
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    Another murky pool, with numbers

    I dont know what the prices are for the individual tests in canada, but instead of buying the entire test kit, you could instead buy the chemicals separately. You should be able to get the proper size sample tube if you have a kit. You will use the 10ml sample amount Also the taylor K-2006 is...
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    Pool guy told me this is how it's done. I disagree

    as far as vacuum goes, on this forum people generally recommend pool robots. They tend to recommend this retailer for the pentair warrior se. When I built my pool I didnt bother with the pool vacuum and just use the robot which works fine...
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    Damage from saltwater in Pool

    There are plenty of examples of buildings and statues that are only exposed to salt air or salt via rain. I didnt bother to post all the literature, just one summary study to emphasize the point that there is data that specifically shows that salt can destroy stone. Concentrations, temperature...
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    Damage from saltwater in Pool

    Moved from here. This has become the mantra on this forum, yet there is plenty of scientific evidence that ocean water concentrations of salt destroys stone.
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    Taking the plunge... (pun intended)

    we are in austin. Austin is taking around 3 months to approve permits, so nov to jan seems about right. We requested our permits at the beginning of august and they were approved beginning of nov and then the dig started thankgiving week. We filled the pool march 26th. There was a lot of bad...
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    Converting from Hayward Chlorinator to a Stenner System

    I just started up my pool. It is 15K gallons and will need about .3-.5 gallons of bleach per day in the summer. Stenner makes pumps with built in timers so Im using one of those instead of using an external timer. It has 12 on/off pairs and can go as low as a minute and produces 8.5 gallons a...
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    CYA very high with unknown reason

    you can auto add bleach with a stenner pump. I have this one with a built in timer. Stenner Econ T Automatic Dosing Peristaltic Metering Pump E10T2B 120V NSF 50: Industrial & Scientific It can do 8.5 gallons per day or .35 gallons per hour. I use a 55 gallon drum that I bought for...
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    CYA and CH very high, time to drain?

    You likely dont need to do a full drain. Why not drain to about 25%, then refill. Then your CYA should be about 50 and there is no need to add more. One thing I plan to do to combat CH is to have a gutter flowing into the pool to fill the pool with rainwater. It will actually cause the pool to...
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    When do they Acid wash after fresh plaster in new pool

    mine did it the next day (diamondbrite). They didnt finish the plaster until towards the end of the day.
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    The equipment struggle is real / 2 steps forward 1 back

    My PB drove down to houston last fall and bought enough equipment for pool builds all this year. He normally does about 60, but is up to 80 because of covid. On the downside, because he prebought he cant give people much choice.
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    Do I have recourse against pool builder

    I dont really see how a pool builder would know the flow of water coming in from a neighbors yard, that isnt really their expertise. I think the solution is relatively inexpensive no matter which way you go. It depends on your contract, but unless it was explicitly called out I would just take...
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    Starting a new pool build in austin (like everyone else..)

    it is chloromax and I bought about 21 gallons which Ive already poured into my 55 gallon tank. Not sure what to do at this point. F'ing chlorox what are they doing??
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    Starting a new pool build in austin (like everyone else..)

    My pool is 15500 gallons I used pucks to start it up. There are around 2.1ppm CYA for each 3" trichlor puck for my pool (3.5ppm FC). I used about 10 pucks to get CYA to around 20. I mainly use liquid bleach and use a stenner pump to inject it. I use liquid bleach because I want to be able to...