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    VS Pump clogging filter faster?

    Hi all, so I recently switched to a VS pump, but I noticed at lower speeds the cartridge filter gets clogged faster. With the old 1hp pump, the filter would get cleaned a couple times a year and the flow wouldn’t really change. Now at a low rpm I find a speed that looks like it works great...
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    How to read pump flow charts?

    Awesome, thanks for the info! I do have to ask, what is a VRV?
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    How to read pump flow charts?

    Hi all, I am working on upgrading my pool pump. I have the charts for both what I have, vs what I’m thinking about. (1hp version) (1.5hpversion)...
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    OK Who's Pool is This?

    A SLAM should fix that right up.
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    Pump Flow Reduced?

    The basket doesn’t drain, the solar system in the roof does. It has a vacuum breaker (I believe that’s what it’s called) that’ll drain the panels when the pump shuts off. The system always has air on startup with the panels, just takes about 3x longer as of the last couple months.
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    Pump Flow Reduced?

    Hi all, I've been noticing my system seems to take longer to prime and push out bubbles on startup. I have cleaned my filter, checked skimmer and pump baskets and all are clean. The slow prime seems to be worse when it starts up with the solar heater...which makes sense because that's where...
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    Pool math app feature request - graph of test results

    Younger folks, with custom IOT devices are all about data logging. I'd love to be able to see my SWG settings overlayed with my FC readings from the past year so I know how my settings effect FC generation to time of year and sun exposure. Same for salt, CYA and hardness against each other so...
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    Pool math app feature request - graph of test results

    I will say that's why I use another service (poollogger) it calculates the same as pool math, but it has better data display plus graphing. (FC graph attached)
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    I think this is bad but.....

    In the picture below you can see the chloine and PH side of the blue box all kinda gross, and the CC reagent looks like the OPs. The TA and CH tests don't seem bothered by being in the box, so I left them. the CH and PH are more frequently used anyways so the caddy keeps them clean and ready to use.
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    I think this is bad but.....

    That’s what happened to mine. I left everything in the blue box it came in, and that happened plus the DPD powder turned black. I started storing them in a caddy instead of the I closed box it came in and the problem went away... after buying new chems. I figured pool water humidity in a...
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    Hot climates chime in.. how much CYA do you lose?

    In the summer here, I loose about 10-20 ppm a month in CYA. However I do loose salt and calcium hardness steadily due to having to drain the pool after a rainstorm. I have to bump all three up regularly.
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    Pulled electric cord out

    If the terminals are labeled, Labeled L/Line (or gold colored) is the Black Labeled N/Neutral (or silver colored) is the White Labeled G/Ground or a symbol that looked like a upside down Christmas tree (or green colored) is the Green
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    How Often Do You Run Your Robot?

    I have mine running daily, the home automation triggers it, so it more or less lives in the pool.
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    Use well water after the well has been sanitized?

    I water my lawn with pool water when I have to drain it when the level gets too high. Have yet to see a negative. That being said, it’s unknown what the chemical levels of the well water are... could be lots more chlorine than a pool.
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    What is the actual water temp?

    I have a temp probe inline on the plumbing after the pump, so it’s water pulling from the drain and skimmer. The floaters always indicate higher because the sun is right there. The cycling water in the plumbing is more accurate. The downside is when the pump is off, the temp probe becomes useless.