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    So… How’d everyone’s Labor Day go ?

    Is that a bionic flipper? You use that and your gonna go around in circles. :D Very sorry for your injury though, I hope for a speedy and uneventful recovery.
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    Tommorrow is a sad day..pool is getting closed.

    Right now my time is full trying to get my new to me home buttoned up for another winter. I have so many projects to squeeze into a weekend, that the pool is getting the bare minimum . It's only temporary, hopefully next season I'll be in a better place projectwise that I can dedicate my...
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    Cherry Trees near pool?

    I have a crabapple tree, so flowers dropping in the spring, then the crabapples themselves dropping during August/Sept. then the leaves in the fall. And the flowers and leaves get blown into the pool. I have an acre, and I can't help but wonder who thought it was a good idea to plant such a...
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    Tommorrow is a sad day..pool is getting closed.

    Unfortunately, the tree is not on my property, but located in a wooded area close to my house and pool. Because the tree is about 70' tall and is the the tallest one, all the leaves blow over to my yard when the winds are coming from the southeast. (This Saturday I was able to watch the leaves...
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    Tommorrow is a sad day..pool is getting closed.

    Started to skim leaves out every day, and now that it's never above 65 at night here in the Northeast, it's a wee bit chilly now. Anyone else have pointed oval leaves falling sooner than the other trees? I think the tree is ill, as I can see the top of the canopy is about bare.( Not my trees...
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    Do you hear what I hear?

    Thank you for the chuckle!
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    Strangest thing you found in a skimmer

    Young squirrels (unfortunately drowned) 1 each in 2 days. A couple of mice, and lately its been small frogs. Waiting to find a snake, as my dog found one near the treeline today. She took care of it though, I had the pleasure of carrying it out to the woods.:cautious:
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    It depends on what you need, do you want it to clean the waterline as well as the pool? Is the cable long enough? Does it have fine filters included or do you have to purchase seperately? I didn't need mine to clean the waterline, but it does, and I am kind of glad that it does. It won't do the...
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    Curious water loss and gain within a week.

    Thank you for the explanation.
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    Curious water loss and gain within a week.

    How do I determine that? And would that explain a 4" loss, and 2" gain back when I started and stopped filling the pool the first time I noticed? ( Assuming the fill I did added 2" and the remaining 2" came from ???) I'm not a math whiz but a 2" of water missing and reappearing in a 16x32' pool...
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    Curious water loss and gain within a week.

    I noticed a strange thing last week, after all the rain ceased here in the Northeast, my pool water level was really good. Several days later, I was out there hooikng up the robot and noticed I had a 1" loss of water. Then a few days later, it was back to normal. I believe it happened a few...
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    Pool Cover cleaning and folding

    Nice video. I'm curious which brand cover this is? Is it rated for Northeast winter weather?
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    Pool Renovation, haven't seen this posted.

    Thanks guys, found a resizing app for the android. Anyway the photos show the worst parts of the decking, but in reality its all sloping/tilting down away from the pool edge to one degree or another.