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    Fire and Water Bowls

    did you ever find any firebowls that are square and electronic ignition? I am looking now.
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    travertine tile sealer

    I was told to use this on my cream/light travertine. I wanted non-slippery, penetrating and won't change the color. It's $85 for a gallon (yikes). Is this a good choice. I have 3000 sqft of tile. Some is surrounding pool and the rest under a cabin and in front of a grill and around outdoor...
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    Travertine-what sealer?

    hello, I want to seal my travertine to avoid stains
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    Travertine-what sealer?

    I have 16x24 light cream travertine tile. I will lay it on top of cement. I do not want it slippery or turning dark, please help!! I have buff lueders for my coping. Trying to make sure everything stays light. I will have a chlorine pool.
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    Any WetEdge Tahoe finishes out there?

    I wanted the Primera stone, but it is twice the price so need to decide on another one that's smooth but has the glass and shells.
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    WetEdge-what color?

    My pool just had gunite sprayed 16x48 3.5-5-3.5. My PB said I need to go with standard finish of Satin or Signature Matrix and that Primera stone will be 8K more (yikes)!! So help me duplicate Primera stone Tahoe coast or Grigio Treasure. I really want a sparkly pool!!! But not rough on feet.
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    Help, my pool is too deep

    So we are in the build process and they just laid all the rebar down, 3.5-5.6-3.5 rectangular pool. However, there seems to be more 5.6 than anything which I think for being a party pool is too deep for the average person. The slope seems like its starts early on each side and so we are...