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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    Eeeeeek!!!!!! Plaster done! 6/26 Water filled and loving it!!!! It is soooo windy and overcast it’s hard to get a good picture of the color.
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    Concrete was poured today! PB came through and got them here! Now plaster tomorrow 😀😀😀
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    Help! Need some advice.... so after all the rain, our concrete decking has been postponed until next week at the earliest (more rain coming 🙄) Our PB called earlier and said they will be doing the plaster on Wednesday this week! Up to 5 days before we will have the concrete done, so no equipment...
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    Well, we officially had the first swimmers, and water rescue in the pool! Five frogs! They got in, but couldn’t get out!
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    What’s that you say??? You plan to have decking poured AND plaster this week??? Ahhhhhh, well here is 5 inches of rain first thing Sunday morning :eek: backyard has 4” of standing water, and it’s still raining! Told the kids we could probably go swimming soon! 🤣
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    They are all 11” now. I wish they had installed one more step, there was plenty of room, so they could be 8-9”, but I’ll take it!
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    We have a Big Hole!!!

    Tile is finished, steps are fixed! will do Decking next week. He has the plaster scheduled for6/30, but MAY be able to fit us in on Thursday! Crossing my fingers!!!