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    Chlorine holding during SLAM

    No skimmer. I had to remove it last year because it kept malfunctioning and was the reason behind the air in my pump etc. or I assume it was because once I removed it all was well.
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    Chlorine holding during SLAM

    started my SLAM. I feel as if I’m a SLAM champion after last year, what a hot mess that was. This year I had so many things going for me, aside from the green pool. But seriously, I didn’t even have tadpoles this year! Or mounds and mounds of pinestraw hiding at the bottom of the pool. This will...
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    That’s what I was concerned about it! Thanks for the reply!
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    Have a long weekend vacay coming up. As of now, CYA is 30 and I lose 3ppm FC a day on sunny days. Less for cloudy/rainy days. If I were to bring FC up to shock level, in theory, by Monday my FC would be zero. If I were to raise my CYA to 40 and then bring it to shock level, in theory, by Monday...
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    SLAM Gone Wrong?

    I totally feel you on this one 😂 During my SLAM I was so obsessed with the pool and the brushing/vacuuming etc on my days off I didn’t do anything but fool with the pool. By time I cleared it I had to MAKE myself swim in it because I had worked so hard to clear it. I was just over it!! Lol but...
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    CYA and FC

    I recently looked up the recreational pool laws for my state out of curiosity. They do mention the new studies showing the relationship between cya and FC. If I remember correctly the CYA is not allowed to go over 90 and FC not allowed to be over 10. I was pretty surprised not to see the max...
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    Doing SLAM on algae

    Is your CYA test withthe tube and black dot? >.4 doesn’t give much of a result. For the SLAM process to work, you have to know your CYA. For example if your CYA is 50, your SLAM FC target is 20. You will need to add enough liquid chlorine to bring it up to 20 at least 3 times a day, more if...
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    mustard algae and poor circulation. please help!!

    The problem with your results are, pool store testing is notoriously inaccurate. Really, it’s anybodys guess what your numbers really are. So it’s hard to give advice on numbers that are statistically wrong.
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    July and have yet to swim!

    Pool is looking much better though!
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    July and have yet to swim!

    With a cya of 35 you will round up to 40, which brings FC level up to 16 for slam
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    Thank you. It looks like this is probably what I will have to go with.
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    Something like this
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    Rectangle mesh pool cover

    Not yet, still looking online here an there. I have a solid cover, just a pain to have to wait till someone can come help me lol. If all else fails I thought about just buying an over sized mesh cover just for storms that I can just anchor down even if only one corner flies up from I imagine...
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    Liquid Chlorine/ But green tint

    Ha! I tried that from my phone, didn’t realize I wasn’t signed in at the time, my mistake