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    Sun Shelf chairs??

    Have you seen any yet?
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    Ledge Lounger Help

    where or whom did you call for their "seconds".
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    AFFORDABLE baja loungers or in-pool ledge loungers

    I have a salt water pool and a small ledge. I want to find one of those chairs that lays/sits on the ledge and also supports your back. I started looking and the cost for them are outrageous! Does anyone have any suggestions? I had lower back surgery this year so I need one that leans back...
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    HEY from Charlotte, NC

    My name is LB and I’m a first time pool owner-thought it is my husbands 3rd. We had it built in the summer of 2019 and thank G-D because I don't think I would have made it through covid and last summer without the pool in the backyard! It’s a bit on the smaller side around with about 14k...