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    New Pool Build – Kingwood, TX

    I am in Kingwood also, and the underground utilities were separate line items if necessary after they were able to locate all utility lines prior to the dig.
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    Pentair Equipment Suggestion

    I have the exact same equipment, except I have an IC40 instead of IC60. My pool is smaller (18,000 gallons). Just to give you a frame of reference, I have the 420 cartridge filter and I just wash it out once a year with a pool my size. I would assume you would probably have more frequent...
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    Trying to make a decision on SWG

    It definitely is a matter of choice, but I am definitely a fan of salt and I live in Texas, and...wait for it...I have natural stone coping. I think you just need to do your research and make a decision accordingly. I wanted stone, so I stayed away from the softer flagstones (Oklahoma, etc.)...
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    Advice on a size filter...

    My pool is about your size (@18k gallons) and I have a 420 sq. ft. cartridge filter and have so far cleaned it once. My plan in to clean just before starting swim season every year if all goes well.
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    SWG vs non SWG

    I'm in the Houston area, and have had my pool just over a year. Due to all the information I read about flagstone issues (mostly Oklahoma, and other soft flagstones) and SWG's, I went ahead and used a quartzite stone coping which turns out to be an extremely hard stone. I actually had a couple...
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    IC-40 Power Cord Removal at the chlorinator end?

    I was curious if there was a way to unhook the cable coming off the chlorinator to facilitate cleaning? I can disconnect it from the main board, but i have multiple wires "zip tied" together on my pad, so unless I can remove the cable at the chlorinator itself, I would be limited in how far I...
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    I have a Pentair Chlorinator, how do I un loosen it to clean it?

    I have screwed fittings on either side of my IC-40. They have some raised ridges throughout, and I can just use a flat screwdriver leaning against a ridge and then tap it with a rubber mallet or hammer to get it started.
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    Qs about salt v. chlorine

    We love our SWG also. We are in the Houston area, have had the pool for a year now and have zero complaints.
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    Waterproofing Concrete Bowls

    I wated to update everyone. I believe the biggest issue I was facing was that the concrete was not completely cured. I had attempted to seal with a clear "impregnating" type sealer for concrete driveways, etc. After letting the sealer dry, I attempted using them again, and they still leaked...
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    Waterproofing Concrete Bowls

    Dave, I would definitely prefer to try a clear seal as my intial approach. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions or success in a clear concrete sealer? I may try the Seal-Krete product, but as always, it's always easier to learn from actual experience from others! Thanks.
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    Waterproofing Concrete Bowls

    Thanks for the replies. Since the bowls already have a finished look and I was not looking to have them painted, I was hoping initially for a clear type sealant if possible. However, I'm thinking I may go ahead and do my best to spread as even a coat as I can on the inside of the bowls, and if...
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    Waterproofing Concrete Bowls

    Brand new to the forum, but learned a bunch so far! My pool was filled last week and we are just putting in the finishing touches. Yesterday they installed my water feature...2 concrete bowls on two 18" columns that will overflow into the pool. I opened the valve to test them out today and...