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    Pool Blaster CX- 1 Cordless pool cleaner

    That Nehmh20 is pretty cool. Not my thing for 5k, still cool if you got the cash to waste.
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    Pool Blaster CX- 1 Cordless pool cleaner

    One thing I would worry about is that li ion batteries have a life of approximately 300 charges depending on various factors the battery is subjected to, not mention the batteries fear of water. As the batteries age run time diminishes and charge time increases. If the batteries were user...
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    Pool Slope Questions

    Shallow is 18 feet. It is a rectangle pool. I have not measured it, but that is what we wanted them to build it at. I guess I should measure it to be sure. I have always had trouble getting the gallons in the pool and the chems right. I do better at educated guesses with the addition of...
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    Pool Slope Questions

    I have 18x36 and went 9 ft deep with no diving board or rock. I am 6'4" so I like the extra depth. The shallow end has plenty of room for the family. The shallow did get a little crowded with 15 people in it trying to play some hoops. Although after that the 2 hours they had jumping in the...
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    Cost for PVC work

    I was quoted 125.00 hr plus the ball valves for 2 small pvc pieces and 2 ball joints.
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    Proper Filter Run Time When Cycle is Interrupted

    That it is my friend. I opened once to a black chlorine infested pool. I did not go into it. I have some limits.
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    What's your current pool temp?

    74 degrees and jumped in last night. Wife and kiddos like it at 85 so I was the only one in. I did not run the heater because it was cloudy and rainy all weekend. I enjoy swimming in the rain. Got about 4-5 inches of rain Sat. Perfect for a good backwash.
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    Proper Filter Run Time When Cycle is Interrupted

    "Safe to swim in" is a personal decision. I have swam in lakes, pond and rivers.
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    bugs in my skimmer

    Once had a muskrat in the pool. Had to get that sucker out with a snow shovel. I never knew muskrats hiss.
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    For those of you with grass at or close proximity to pool edge ---

    I use a blower to blow them away from the pool. Anything that gets into the pool I hand skim them out.
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    bugs in my skimmer

    Wait until you open it up and find a snake coiled up hissing at you. That thing made a grown man run like crazy. I have lots of dead moles lately. I am up to 14 now. There cant be anymore in my yard, at least I keep thinking.
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    Calcium Hardness and LC Corrosion

    I let the experts explain, but for having a vl pool for the 11th year and ch was around 50 through these seasons, my heater lasted 10 and my swg is on its 11th year. I'll keep mine at 50.
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    My daughter went to work at that pool store!

    One thing I miss is the interaction with the pool store. I actually enjoyed it even though I never bought anything unless it was an emergency. Growing up our house had a 10 foot deep cistern. To sanitize the water we poured a cup of bleach in every month. It was the best water I ever drank...
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    There is a link to the kit in Texas Splash's sig. Good luck in trying to get it clean by Sat. I have been there, mate. TF-100 Test Kit ™ you can find the speed stir there as well.
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    Question on heat cycling...

    SWG and heater are all on the same switch. It all comes on together and everything runs at the same time. The heater can be turned off and not come on with the rest. When the switch is flipped off everything turns off. I do have to say one weekend we hit high 80s and even though we had the...