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    Last Swim

    I live in Ohio and last year we were swimming the last week of September in 80 degree weather. I remember because I close my pool the first week of October and I couldn’t get my water temp to 60. I think your climate is about the same as ours. Be careful about closing too early. Ideally you...
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    Ohio- planning for a new pool in 2021

    My pool was 12-18 inches above grade to attach to an existing patio. Back filled with gravel around the pool and under deck. Took quite a bit of gravel. #57 I think. But that is the only way to go.
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    High FC and Salt Levels

    Running the chlorine high within the proper CYA range will not result harsh water. Swimmers actually comment on how nice my water feels and at times the FC is in the 10 range. When I first started following the TFP method I too tried to keep my FC on the low end. But as you get more comfortable...
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    High FC and Salt Levels

    I am sure one of the mods will chime in but with a CYA of 70 keeping your FC at 2-3 is asking for trouble. My CYA is 70 and I keep my FC in the 7-8 range and with an auto cover if I don’t monitor it it easily can jump to over 10 and I have no problems with that. You are much better keeping your...
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    First time pool owner: In-floor vs. robot

    Here is my setup. Nice thing is I can keep the power unit under cover when it rains. When I open the cover I just move the robot out of the way. It not inconvenient at all.
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    Can you use SWG with an Automatic Pool Cover

    Here are pictures of my setup. The nice thing is I can leave the power unit under cover if it rains. When I open the cover I just take out the robot and slide it out of the way. You can hear the robot under the cover climbing the walls so I don’t think that is an issue.
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    First time pool owner: In-floor vs. robot

    I run my robot with the auto cover closed. Have never had a problem. My pool gets a lot of use my grandkids live next door and they swim with their friends. I typically run it at night with the cover closed.
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    Can you use SWG with an Automatic Pool Cover

    Mine is 3 years old. No trouble so far. Get the SWG.
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    Cloudy water - but normal test results

    I would SLAM too. I have a SWG and my pool water looks much better when I keep the FC in the 7-8 range. Sometimes when you flirt with the minimums the pool can pick something up especially after a heavy rain that can drop a lot of organics in the pool.
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    Vinyl Saltwater Pool

    I have an 18x36 saltwater in ground vinyl pool. Not corrosive at all and it is not controversial. One thing I have learned is don’t listen to pool builders on how to manage your pool. My pool builder was very good and did a great job on my pool. But after finding this site I realized he really...
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    Mesh Pool Cover Questions

    Yes you will have to pump out water. Sometimes I will pump out twice in case you don’t get that thaw in January.
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    Higher ppm chlorine to keep clear water

    I too have a SWG and with an auto cover my FC always runs high. Usually in the 7-9 range and if I don’t pay attention for a day or two it can creep higher than that. I used to fret about keeping my FC in range. Now I don’t. So as @Jimrahbe says never worry if it is too high. My water is gin...
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    Poolside Bathroom: Standalone or Add-on to House?

    I would not put in a pool without a bathroom outside. Surprise expense for me was the ditch we needed to hook into the sewage line. Sewage line was 18 feet deep. Quite an undertaking for a dig that deep. We put in a bar pavilion area and behind it a bathroom/changing area and storage shed.
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    If you were to build a new inground pool today advice.

    Drainage. Make sure your pool builder talks drainage. He should put in some kind of drainage around the pool and also make sure that storm water runs away from your pool and not into it. Many builders may say you don’t need a drainage system if you don’t have a high water table but with a vinyl...
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    What have we got wrong?

    I have a vinyl pool with an auto cover and have had no problems with it. It is three years old and I love it. It keeps the water warmer and when it is covered you do not lose any chlorine. I have a SWG so I figure it will add to the life of the salt cell. One thing to keep in mind if you do...