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    High alkalinity low ph

    I agree. If the PH stays steady I wouldn’t worry about it. If the PH rises with the high TA (as it should) adding acid to bring the PH down will eventually lower your TA.
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    PH Difference

    Thanks for all of the help. I did complete the calibration. The 7.0 solution read 6.86 and the smiley face did appear and stay there and I believe the PH calibration read 6.98 at the end. When I hit the button to end the calibration I did not get an error message. I will do the calibration again...
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    PH Difference

    Thanks for the hints. I thought I calibrated it correctly but will do it again. One thing that did confuse me a bit is that when I put it in the 7.0 solution to calibrate, the solution reads 6.86. Is that correct or is the solution bad? When I put it in the 4.0 solution it reads 4.0.
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    PH Difference

    I could not agree more. I managed the pool great using the Taylor. I actually bought it because I got lasik surgery and I now need readers. So without my readers the comparator was a little small and with them it seemed distorted. I still have the large comparator that came with my TF100. Maybe...
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    PH Difference

    I bought an Apera PH 60 to test the PH of my pool water. Supposed to be accurate to the hundredths. I am not sure why I bought it as I have been successful managing my pool water with the Taylor surecheck (the small comparator). I think I just wanted a new toy! Now that I have used it...
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    Freezing weather coming

    I open my pool early in April every year. In Ohio this happens every year at least once after I open my pool. It is actually going to happen here this week. Remember it is only going to be below freezing for a couple of hours. Usually the day before and the day after the temps are quite a bit...
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    Open pool and temps in the mid 20s forecasted this week

    I have the same problem but am not really worried. The water temp is 60 and it is only supposed to be be below freezing for a couple of hours. Daytime temps both the day before and after are above freezing. I am no expert but I doubt it will be cold enough for long enough to do any damage. But I...
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    Pool opened. Next year I'll open it myself.

    Paid a company for three years to open my pool. Didn’t mind paying them and certainly don’t begrudge anyone earning a profit. I hire out my grass cutting landscaping etc. Things I can do but just don’t want to be bothered with. That being said my son in law talked me into opening the pool...
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    PH Test Question

    Yes my FC was at 11. That may explain it thanks.
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    PH Test Question

    I took a PH reading today and the first picture is when I first shook it up. It looks like about 7.2. I got distracted and when I came back the color had turned much pinker and it looked to be 7.8-8.0. I was gone only a few seconds. Is this normal? I never noticed this before. I expected the PH...
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    Ohio Pool Opening

    I opened my pool yesterday to this! I did cheat a little. A few days before I opened the corner of my cover and dropped in the robot to vacuum. Thanks TFP!
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