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    Chlorine loss with auto cover

    I think you are fine. That is about what I lose over a 24 hour period with my auto cover. Some days a little more some days a little less. If you had algae you would losing much more. Earlier in the year I let my FC get below the minimum and immediately brought it back up to 8 ppm with liquid...
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    18x36 in ground pool cover recommendations

    I have a loop loc mesh cover. My water is always clear at opening. There is some dirt on the bottom but nothing my robot can’t handle. The key is to close late and open early. You want to open before the water gets to 60 degrees. Depending how low you take your water at closing you may have to...
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    Name your Top 5 inventions of all time

    Blantons of course when I can find it. Weller next if I can find that. But my everyday that I can typically find is Four Roses Single Barrell or Buffalo Trace. Ryes would be Whistle Pig for a treat but everyday Sagamore Spirits or Michters
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    Name your Top 5 inventions of all time

    Yep. I agree with this one. . Mine is just a little different Bourbon Rye Wine Scotch Beer
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    My first rookie mistake

    I have CYA of 60 and with an auto cover and SWG, if I don’t pay attention, my FC at times drifts into that range. Just let it drift down. It is no problem and it is safe to swim. You are much better with your FC at the high end rather than close to the minimum. Don’t let it get there.
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    I think that three years is really on the low end of the time frame. Where did you come up with the three year figure? If you browse through the thread I think you will see that most owners are getting much more than three years out if their robots. Even if it were only three years that works...
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    Not understanding the lure of robotic cleaners..

    I guess it all depends upon what you think your time is worth. I have never had a suction side cleaner so I can’t comment about that, but I have a Dolphin M400 in its 4th year and so far it has worked flawlessly. I mostly leave it in the pool unless there are swimmers and run it everyday. It...
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    That looks a little thicker than mine but you have had a lot of construction around the pool so that may be dirt and dust along with the grease. I have an auto cover and mine still gets the black accumulation even with little use. That just doesn’t look like black algae to me but I will defer to...
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    Iowa Vinyl Pool

    That ring around the inside if your skimmer is most likely oils from swimmers and sunblock. It wipes easily off with a wet paper towel. I get it all of the time. I use a magic eraser. Nothing to worry about.
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    Resort Pool... Gross.

    Just spent a week at the Dolphin Resort at WDW. As soon as my grandkids saw the pool they said the water wasn’t as clear as mine and believe me it wasn’t. Yep TFP pool snobs!
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    Sorry Another Phosphate Question

    I have a hunch it is coming from fertilizer. We have a lawn service. Once after an application my auto cover had so much fertilizer on it I though they meant to fertilize my deck and pool. I have since had a conversation with the company but one or two applications with the cover open may have...
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    Sorry Another Phosphate Question

    Thanks for the reply’s. I understand that if I keep my FC levels above the minimum I should be ok. I always keep my FC on the high end because after finding TFP and with a few years of managing my pool, I find that the water quality is still outstanding. I really think that most people here get...
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    Sorry Another Phosphate Question

    Well I shouldn’t have done it but I went ahead and tested my phosphates today with the Taylor kit and based on the color comparator it looks like they are in the 3000ppb range. I am aware of the debate regarding removing phosphates and haven’t decided yet whether or not to do it. If I decide to...
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    Poolside Bathroom: Standalone or Add-on to House?

    Where are you in Ohio? If close to Canfield you are welcome to stop by and take a look. This is all I have. I just designed it on a piece of paper.
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