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    Autopilot Digital Tri-Sensor Leaking.

    Thank you. I'll take a look. I only see the screw holding the sensor, where is the nut?
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    Autopilot Digital Tri-Sensor Leaking.

    Opened up the pool, and fired up the pump. Seeing water leaking in small beads around the sensor. Is there a replacement seal? Something I can take apart and fix? Or do I need to order a new sensor. Thanks. Wanted to ask before taking it apart.
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    Clorox Pool Salt

    Crazy as I was about to buy this the other day when opening the pool. Read reviews on the Walmart site, and all stated the same issue. Definitely a product issue.
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    New Skimdoctor installed

    I have one of these, and been using it for over a year. I love it, causes a nice waterfall effect into the basket allowing it to skim the top of the pool very well. My float broke due to the concrete pad on top of the skimmer basket sinking. Been working great. Can open a close the flow a bit...
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    Pool Light GFCI tripping

    Looks like the older American Products fixture, looks exactly the same to mine that is tripping. No water in it, but it's causing the GFCI to trip.
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    LED or Incandescent???

    I am having this question right now, as my fixture is bad and tripping the GFCI. I diagnosed it down to the fixture from the housing. I was looking at the Pentair Intellibrite 5G 120V, but so many bad reviews with it failing in a year or less. Anyone have any opinions or longer term...
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    NJ Winter, lots of loose tile and coping

    Well the nightmare happened today when opening the pool. The NJ Winter and Long Freeze took a tole on the pool. I have lost tiles before, and just get new mortar and grout, and fix it up, This time the damage is way more extensive, and the Coping on top of the section is loose. I can pick it...
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    Broken Bottom Drains - Temp Fix Ideas

    SO we are having a party on Saturday, and the screws off both of the bottom drains are broken, so they need to be repaired - 10ft deep, and to deep for my belly to hold down and repair. SO... I was thinking..... Let me know if okay to do for temporary. Was thinking about putting...
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    Air in Pump Basket

    Have a Pentair Variable Speed Pump. At High Speeds I do not see any air in the basket. If I run at 1100-1500 RPM, I do see that there is Air in the Basket? Is this normal at lower speeds?
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    New SWG and Water Balance

    Good Evening all, FC: 9ppm ( due to shock ) PH: 7.5 TA - 90 CYA - 110 Salt - 4000ppm Borates 0 (until I put them in) Question, Below are the specs stated for TA and CYA. What are the effects if I leave the CYA at 110 with the SWG? The TA I can adjust by lowering the PH and Aerating, but...
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    Salt Levels High

    I drained some, since I was worried about the Ladder in the deep end and the ring around the light. I didn't pump out as much as originally planned. If I can get it down to about 4000ppm I will be happy. Will test it tomorrow to see where the levels are at. Thanks
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    Salt Levels High

    Pump out a whole bunch of water. Then refill with fresh water. I pumped out about a third of the pool this morning. Gave me some time to re-grout a few spots on the tile that needed it. So not a total loss of time. :)
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    Salt Levels High

    AHHHHHH, wonder if that would be it. I always used Bleach for the past few years. And Chlorine Tabs in the Hayward Chlorinator. I should have checked the Salt level before.
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    Salt Levels High

    Guess I should have, but thought it would have been 0 since I never added it before.
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    Salt Levels High

    Good Afternoon All, Well I just opened the pool and added the salt to the pool after setting up SWG. According to the Pool Calcs I have tried, I have between 39-44,000 gallons of water. So I went safe for 40,000. Well I added in all the Salt yesterday, and I added in 25 (40lbs) bags of...