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    What did you do to your pool today?

    Flushing out the Loop Loc Anchors….helps so much when raising the anchors to place mesh cover!!!
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    What's your robot's name?

    Really love the old school…
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    Cloudy again after rains.

    Really enjoyed reading your pool SLAM journey…you did such a fantastic job! Sorry to hear of the pool’s collapse.😞
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    What's your robot's name?

    “Herbie”….. reminds me of Herbie the lovebug….a classic!
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    New to forum

    Our cover was custom made to fit around the railing of the ladder and waterfall. Tiny open area by the railing where I can take water samples and add chlorine (via a pvc pipe system). Mesh LoopLoc cover. Run pump only about two hours a day and add chlorine every three-six weeks when needed.
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    Adding CYA

    Use the Pool Math app. I would test the water first for CYA...just to get a baseline. It should be 0 at this point being you just filled the pool. Pool Math will tell you exactly how much to add based on your pool and your tested levels. Pool Math is AWESOME!! I’d be so lost without it! :)
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    Zero Free Chlorine and SLAM not working

    Hello and welcome to TFP! You have found a wonderful spot to learn how to care for your pool. Read the articles in the “Pool School” section. It will teach you exactly how to care for your pool and then you can ask questions here in the forum where people can help guide you through. First...
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    Backswimmer Infestation

    Check to make sure of the “freshness” of the can degrade over time. Bottle should have a series of numbers printed on it.
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    Backswimmer Infestation

    Good morning! Rereading all you’re thread... I would stop testing the CYA...treat assuming the level is 30...Remember the CYA is there to bind with the chlorine to allow for it not to get burned off as quickly...similar to sunscreen. I have read that the correct results can take up to a week...
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    Backswimmer Infestation

    Make sure to scrub all areas where algae could be hiding. Check areas such as the ladder and skimmer box. Clean all pool toys and floats with bleach water to disinfect them. Your CYA should be rounded up to 20 if you’re test revealed a level of 15. Always round up to nearest whole number...
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    Determining Weekly & Monthly Maintenance

    Hello! Welcome to the group!! I don’t use any of the items in your “weekly” list. I daily check the FC, weekly check the pH as it rises often due to the aeration of the jets. Monthly, I run all the TFP recommended tests. (Recommended test kit: TF-100) Generally my spa requires chlorine...
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    Backswimmer Infestation

    When we first moved into our house we had HUGE infestation of stink bugs and lady bugs inside the house. Learning about the property has been our biggest defense. Sealing drafty old windows, lots of bug spray...Fast forward to today...I see the stink bugs but they are in the outside...
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    Backswimmer Infestation

    When we first bought our home in July 2019 (20 yr old home & pool) we had these little critters! Had to SLAM a few times in the first year of ownership. Learned the hard way to keep CYA at about 40ppm and FC ABOVE the target. Keeping the FC at target still allowed for algae to grow (poor...
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    Pool leaf cover, pool open all winter

    We didn’t close here in NW Georgia...covered with looploc cover Oct.31 once temp of water was below 62. Only checked FC levels and added as needed. Did not brush from closing til opening in March. Wasn’t too bad upon opening. Was nice to get a break from pool maintenance. 😋