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    Cal-hypo for starting a SLAM ?

    Got an algae bloom and had some Cal-hypo granulated shock sitting around. I dissolved thouroughly in hot water and added to the pool. My CH is around 230 and I have a fiberglass pool. not too worried about the calicum going up much. My plan is to continue the SLAM with liquid chlorine but...
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    need to do anything with the sand filter for maintainance?

    Thanks Marty, I haven't used any floccuants, clarifier, etc. If I ever did have to deep clean due to channeling, I watched the video on the main post here about the process. I am always a bit nervous about disconnecting PVC piping if I do not have to (I cracked a PVC pipe once from over...
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    need to do anything with the sand filter for maintainance?

    Going into year 4 with my pool. Sand Filter. Living in NC I keep the pool open year round. We get lots of pine pollen in the spring but the filter seems to do fine filtering out. Question about what maintainance , if any, is needed on the sand filter. I'm reading here on TFP that changing...
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    Raleigh area concrete pool company

    Hi - inside the pool
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    Raleigh area concrete pool company

    Anyone from Raleigh, NC area? A friend has a concrete pool that needs some general concrete patching/maintenance- anyone have a pool company they like that specializes in concrete?
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    CSI in winter for fiberglass pool

    Hello there, I keep my pool open in the winter and note again that my CSI is going very low. I have a fiberglass pool and not really sure if CSI really means much in the winter with fiberglass. I could certainly increase the Ph to 8 which others have suggested and increase the calcium but is...
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    Weird white spots on concrete around pool

    Got a mysterious problem with concrete staining. Hundreds of small white spots all over concrete- popped up one day. Tried power washing it but did not resolve. Doesn’t look like typical bird poop but that’s my best guess. But hundreds of small spots. Almost looks like white paint and only...
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    Chlorine levels after SLAM

    I've had a mustard algae outbreak. I did a regular SLAM about 6 weeks ago and everything went great. When chlorine level drifted down after 2 weeks started noticing algae again. So 2 weeks ago did another SLAM but this time raised the chlorine level to mustard algae levels for 24 hours...
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    Brownish Red particles during SLAM - Is this dead mustard algae

    Yes - that's my pool. There is tect Yes - that's my pool - there is textured concrete I guess I misunderstood you - I thought that you meant red colored concrete. Its not red sandstone I do not think. Do you think the runoff from this concrete can cause an increase in iron ?
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    Brownish Red particles during SLAM - Is this dead mustard algae

    I’ll get a picture next time I vacuum. I do not have high iron in fill water that I am aware of - not well water. No stone around to cause. Only seemed to occur during mustard algae SLAM. Unless what I thought was mustard algae was iron. Had that brown dust appearance when I started the...
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    Brownish Red particles during SLAM - Is this dead mustard algae

    Question about some material I picked up with my vaccuum. So I did SLAM 2 weeks ago - all went well. Then this week started noticing brownish "dust" at the bottom of the pool with some cloudiness. I did an OCLT and it was borderline with 0.8 chlorine loss. So I just decided to SLAM and then...
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    pH and SLAM - add acid now ?

    thanks Marty ! Your're the best
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    pH and SLAM - add acid now ?

    Hi everyone, Doing my first SLAM - everything looks good - pool already blue after initial shock level. Water mildly cloudy but clearing. Thinking probably have a few hours more to go and still need to do the OCLT tonight. Problem - I forgot (and did not realize) to lower the Ph before...