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    Is my AG Pool Beyond Repair?

    Thanks everyone for your encouraging words! I'm a little worried about the top rails because I sent some pics to the people at inyopools to identify them. They were very responsive and identified my pool as a "Cypress" (see attached), although I am not quite sure if that is the case because the...
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    Is my AG Pool Beyond Repair?

    Some background: Unfortunately being new home owners and with our first time owning a pool, we successfully closed it last fall but neglected it throughout the spring and early summer. The tarp was left on the pool way too long which collected a lot of water and warped almost all of our top...
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    New member and first-time pool owner in New England

    Hi there! This is my second season owning an above ground pool, I have never owned or maintained a pool until now, so I have been learning a LOT from these forums and guides! I thought I would join the forum for some advice on some more specific issues.