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    Awful Concrete Coping

    Good do these people stay in business? If I did any work approaching that level of messed up I would offer it for free and do a tear out and re pour.
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    PSI needed for gunite pool

    I don't know how one could estimate the chance of structural failure between 3000 vs 4000 psi. I believe there are many other variables that would/could impact the long term structural soundness of a concrete structure. For example: sub grade conditions, steel rebar layout/design, temperature...
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    Complete DIY concrete pool

    Thank you in regard to the tile choice. They are supposed to be pool/outdoor rated and "impervious" to freeze and thaw cycles and resemble Carrera marble. We ran two courses of the blue, beveled edge porcelain tiles to add some color. Yes, I am planning on taking care of the water the TFP way...
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    Complete DIY concrete pool

    I did pour the floor separately. I did a 10'' grid of #3 rebar pinned into the already poured walls. I also put steel mesh on top of the rebar grid. I chose the same concrete mix specifications (aggregate size, psi, etc.) as was used on the walls for the floor. There was no practical way for me...
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    Complete DIY concrete pool

    To clarify, I am a general contractor. I used two of my employees to help on the concrete pour days (and my kind father in law) and a few collective days with doing the plaster and plumbing; though I truly only had help for 7 various work days through the project. It took me forever and a day...
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    Complete DIY concrete pool

    So after months and months of work I was finally able to fill our new inground pool. I did not subcontract any of the work out. The pool is concrete with standard white plaster. Though the pool is (obviously) incomplete I wanted to get it to the point of it being filled and used for the last few...
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    Possible owner build 14x29 Mountain Loch!

    In regard to a retaining wall, I would always choose a poured wall rather than a block wall. Every joint in a block wall is the potential for a future problem. Not to say that a properly reinforced block wall will not perform fine for many years; though there is a higher risk of decreased...
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    Fiberglass Pool Install

    If you are in Maryland your builder should, I believe, be licensed through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. The MHIC has a process for dealing with client complaints and could aid with arbitration. This may provide some point of leverage to you in spite of them being paid in full. The...
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    Potential self build

    This is one of the things I was curious about - cost of me forming and pouring vs having a sub do gunite or shotcrete. I will reach out to some local pool builders to get a handle on their per/yard costs for shotcrete. Thanks!
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    Potential self build

    So, I'm entertaining the thought of building a pool for my family and am looking for some feedback from those experienced with the process. Some background, I am a licensed general contractor. I have poured concrete walls and slabs for clients over the years, and am generally experienced with...