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    Help! I've sprung a leak

    very doable and easy. just make sure you let it cure for the recommended time according to instructions or you'll have a patched leak. You may want to roll it into a ring and attach it to itself to encompass the pipe and insure it doesn't fall off. I don't think it will, but it would make me...
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    Help! I've sprung a leak
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    Help! I've sprung a leak

    Not sure this is the best recommendation, but they make an A+B epoxy that is made that does well in pools. You'd have to turn the pump off for a while until it's cured correctly though
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    Help! I've sprung a leak

    are you sure it's cracked and that fitting coupler is tight?
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    Pool Swamp

    I would start by getting that water off the cover asap and let everything start to dry. Dude was right and removing that waterlogged stuff is going to be difficult - will definitely help to start the drying process and decrease the weight...
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    New pool, bloody toes

    the kids will learn. happens to guests (always kids) in my pool as well. once you get used to it, you know better, but their little toes get soft in the water and they play rough. You can try to explain it to them, but they're kids - they won't get it... liquid band aid - keep a bottle of it. it...
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    Advice on testing device

    that's what they're banking on... (literally)
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    Interesting, thank you for the explanation
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    Is this a dumb idea with Variable Speed pump?

    Feel free to kick this to another part of the forum, but this thread made me curious. Why don't they make chlorine tabs without the added CYA, or do they? Seems like they would be a viable solution for a lot of people...
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    Complete green algae

    totally understand and the same way of thinking that kept me from (that and what I thought was the complexity of the tests) doing it for years. I know you don't know us, but you're going to need to make a decision which way to go. I promise that if you listen to these folks and follow their...
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    Complete green algae

    plain old bleach will work too. Not as strong, but in a pinch, it's the same thing. Just don't get anything with 'scented' or splashless and no Clorox. Just plain old cheap bleach....
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    First SLAM - getting worried

    I like to think about it as a business model. Realistically, if you give 'free' water testing and teach what is taught here, how would you pay the overhead? They're not all bad people, it is what it is. Glad you figured it out and started learning it on your own!
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    SLAM timeline

    Would tend to agree with Texas ^ - It took about a week to rid the pool of the AA once stain removal was complete before the Chlorine would start to stabilize. You never know, but highly recommend that treatment in the winter rather than the summer when algae would tend to be 'less' aggressive...
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    Return Aiming and Skimmer Performance, or Lack Thereof

    I only have two returns - tried the thin opening, way too much restriction. I've also found that aimed upward to just break the surface tension works best for my skimming. Logically, aiming down would rotate the water, but it never seemed to work well for skimming. I keep the top layer rotating...
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    Very Nice Rev! Obligatory pic:cheers: