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    Please help! I'm so frustrated!

    Now that's some great looking water! Good job. Sherry
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    Multi port valve issue

    Hi, We ordered a new multi port valve because it's leaking water out of the backwash port. If the pump is on low speed, the filter is making a gurgling sound and sending a lot of air through the return lines. Will it hurt the pump to run on low speed with the filter gurgling and sending air...
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    Question about pH when closing pool

    Hi All, I am closing my pool and just wanted to check on something. I got the chlorine up to SLAM level yesterday. Today I went to check FC and get ready to close it. When I checked the pH it was 8.2 or even a little higher. The pH was 7.6 before. So I was wondering if adding all that chlorine...
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    Does anyone go an entire swimming season without SLAMing their pool?

    No SLAM since I first joined June 2015. Maybe the first year had to SLAM for a day or two right after opening in the spring. But after the first year it opens up completely clear in the spring and has stayed that way ever since! Learned to close the pool later in the summer when the water is...
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    Fiberglass pool TN

    Very nice! I agree with Kim on the blue rock and chairs. Looks great by the beautiful pool!
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    Something just ain't right...

    I think you're probably right poolnoob. Funny how learning and understanding how things work in our pools changes everything! Love it! Sherry
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    Liquid CL and 3 inch pucks for chlorination

    Here is a thread of mine that may give you some info. I was doing some testing last year with switching between pucks and bleach. I learned a lot on how the pucks work in my pool regarding CYA increase and decrease. I was surprised to learn that very hot air and water temps drop my CYA. It...
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    New Pool/Grotto/Slide- Started May 28th

    Beautiful! What a great place to hang out and enjoy life! Congrats!!! ? Sherry
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    Low TA question

    Ok, great! So no damage to the vinyl liner with low TA? If not this is great news because it is so nice to not have to add acid all the time. :) Sherry
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    Low TA question

    I have been checking my FC everyday but not checking my pH as often because it had been running at 7.4-7.5 everytime I checked it. So today I finally did a TA test to see where it was at since the pH hasn't been rising. It came in at TA 50. I have not had to add any acid at all and love it...
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    Question about FC level and winter cover

    Thank you very much, Dave. Sherry ;)
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    Question about FC level and winter cover

    Is it okay to put the winter cover on with the FC level still at SLAM level of 20? Will it hurt anything or just drift down like when not covered, just slower? Thank you, Sherry
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    New IG pool build in Nashville, TN

    You have a beautiful pool! Love the paver pattern and color and the pool tile is so pretty. The shape of the pool is very nice. Great job! Sherry
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    Does Walmart not have liquid chlorine anymore?

    I thought our Walmart was out for the season also. But next time I was there they had a new shipment. So it's really hard to say if they will get more in or not. During the time they were out I switched to their plain bleach which is now only 6%. So I was glad to see when they restocked. Maybe...
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    CYA notes and results

    Well, checked my CYA and it is back down to 40. So I do lose CYA with these hot air and water temps. I'm sure the splashout and backwashes decrease it too. So from the 23rd of July to the 23rd of Aug I lost 10 ppm CYA. This will be helpful to me next summer to be able to go back and forth...