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    Pool Heating Costs?

    Kind of an unusual question and I'm not sure there is a good answer, but thought I'd ask anyway. We had a significant increase in the cost of gas and suspect that heating our pool might be the issue. The 60k pool was being maintained at 87-88 degrees. We have since turned it down to 82...
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    Water Line Scum on Tile

    Was wondering if anyone has found an effective prevention solution for that scum that builds up on pool tiles. I am helping to maintain a condominium pool and cleaning the tile with a tile cleaner and scrub pad has become an almost daily chore. The tile on the side where the skimmers are...
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    Best method for cleaning tile?

    I have used super tile and vinyl cleaner (In The Swim) with a stiff brush to clean scum build-up on the tile. However, I used almost a full quart to do the job and this job needs to be done about once per week. Has anyone had success with a product that will prevent this build-up? If not, is...
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    Pool Math

    So... I added 1.5 quarts of liquid chlorine (12.5%) to our 20k gal bromine pool today since I figured that amount would bring the bromine level up to about 10 ppm (which it did). I only went to 10 because that is the highest level of bromine that state regs will allow to keep our pool open...
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    Pool Math

    I am helping to maintain an indoor pool for our HOA and just want to check my pool math for shocking. The 20k gal pool is sanitized with bromine and there is an automatic feeder. I am maintaining the bromine level at around 5. The pool company that comes out ecvery 2 weeks is using a...
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    Explorer E70 vs Wave 60?

    Ordered the E70 today. Hope to have it in the pool this weekend. Will check back in after a few uses to let you know what I think of it. Thanks all.
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    Filter leak repair

    After backwashing, I am getting leaking from the discharge hose when I put the valve handle back in the filter position. Have changed the spider gasket, but still leaking. What would be the next step to try to stop this.... new multi-port valve?
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    Explorer E70 vs Wave 60?

    We are looking for a pool cleaner for our condo pools. We have both an indoor and outdoor pool. I called Marina Pools and Spas and was told they were out of the Wave 60 model. Margaret recommended the Explorer E70... said it was as good as a commercial pool cleaner. Anyone have experience...
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    DE returning to pool

    We've have a similar problem at a condo pool. My experience is that with the pump running the DE settles to the bottom after a period of time and the pool looks clear, but the DE is just sitting at the bottom of the pool. If you run a cleaner, it may stir it up a bit. The best way to tell if...
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    Backwashing a DE Filter

    Thank you!
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    Backwashing a DE Filter

    Is there any reason to backwash a DE filter if the pressure has not risen by 5-10 psi? Is it okay to go several months between backwashes if the filter pressure is not rising.
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    Aerator for 60,000 gallon pool

    Was wondering if any of these aerator products available on the market would be useful to raise pH in a 60,000 gallon pool (see example below). If there are better options, I would appreciate any recommendations. Thanks...
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    Bad Solenoid?

    It is an Aquasol. The pool company asked me to unplug the Controller to see if the "pea" in the vertical site glass for bromine flow dropped to the bottom. It didn't and he diagnosed it as a bad solenoid (said the "pea" should drop to the bottom of that site glass when the Contoller is unplugged).
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    Bad Solenoid?

    Thanks for your reply. I will check the name of the controller and get back to you.
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    Bad Solenoid?

    We have a Controller that controls the flow of bromine and acid to our indoor pool. Has been working well to keep snaitizer and pH at appropriate levels. Recently I noticed that bromine level was rising, but Controller was still calling for more bromine. I was told that a solenoid has gone bad...