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    Scs15, those Kelo lights are designed to screw into a 1.5” threaded PVC pipe…AND, that cavity has to be fairly deep, about 3 inches. I can’t tell for sure but is that compatible with what you have currently? I have the Treos which are similar to the Kelos. Here is the description and picture...
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    Anyone have experience with Clearwater/Zodiac/Jandy LM Series SWG?

    Well…I thought it was a long shot that any of the regulars on this board might have some experience with this older SWG, but I will keep talking to myself for a bit and see if it triggers some memories, haha. So I have done a few experiments with this device. There are 3 wires that attach to...
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    In floor cleaning system

    Here’s a guy who did what you are talking about. 5-port caretaker > A&A 5 port When they replaced my valve, the guy had a method that included a rubber mallet…he didn’t cut the old valve off at all. I didn’t see him do it but asked him about it afterwards. I think he used only up/down...
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    Anyone have experience with Clearwater/Zodiac/Jandy LM Series SWG?

    I am hoping there is some knowledge about this older SWG marketed under the Clearwater/Zodiak/Jandy LM2-40/24/16 labels. It is probably 10-14 years old. I bought this item: Zodiac Clearwater LM2-40 Power Center on craigslist a few days ago, it did NOT include a salt cell. The owner said it...
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    Update Coping and Deck

    A flush cut to -1/4” cut should be fine. If it is not enough in a few places, it can be ground down where needed. When I did it, I just “eyed” it but my pool was round. If you look at my thread I went back (after the cut) and spread some rapidset cement to make the vertical straight as a...
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    Update Coping and Deck

    That’s exactly what I used…gas powered with water cooling. Cutting that much coping will pretty much destroy the blade so you might have to replace the rental’s or buy your own to begin with. You need to cut the deck further back than your gunite, by just a bit, to ensure there is no overlap...
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    Update Coping and Deck

    Nori, I know you PM'ed me but I prefer to answer questions publicly in case it helps other people doing similar queries My pre-remodel coping was very similar to yours except that mine was faced with a cap tile...some of which were broken/cracked and could not be replaced because they were are...
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    Can’t recommend Cirrcupool anymore

    Do modern SWGs commonly have issues with power supply failures? I haven’t really noticed mention of this in the SWG threads I have read through…but I have only started looking into them. How realistic is it to expect the control portion (including the power supply) of a...
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    how to use my own power supply for Aquarite Salt Cell

    Flpoolgeek, I know this is an old thread (and you haven’t posted in awhile), but I notice that you have recently visited the forum…any updates on this DIY SWG controller project? Believe me, I know how projects get waylaid by other projects and/or life in general, haha. The price of chlorine...
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    Finally installed home made automation to include variable position valve control.

    Hey Rich…that transducer looks pretty nice! And it’s also nice that you have a “signature” psi to keep track of the zones. Be careful on the “absolute” number of 13 psi. That pressure will change as your filter clogs up…or is cleaned. You might need to figure a way to use a differential...
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    Arduino Solution for Failed Pentair Intelliph

    Hey Jack, I am following this as well. Some comments… I have found the muriatic acid (I use 32% in my tank) to be extremely corrosive around my buried acid tank. It has destroyed my buried tank hinges, a stainless steel temperature probe, and four “chemically hardened” Milone eTapes (at which...
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    Effective Pool Cooling for Hot Climates

    Wow…that is a huge difference from the 93F you reported from last summer. I have the same problem in Phoenix with full sun for my pool from late morning and on…I have been debating/planning to add some sun sails above my pool for a few years. This is another potential “pro” for considering...
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    Retractable, Removable Pool Equipment Cover / Sun Shade / Protection

    Joe, take a look at the first post pictures…the sun shade material does NOT extend over the filter and panel covers, so they get direct sun.