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    Mystery Skimmer

    @InyoRob Any thoughts on which door this might be? Dimensions seem to be 8.25" x 6" or 6.25". I ordered this weir door off Amazon, but the spring loaded rods on the bottom don't push further in, just out, and it's a touch too wide. I was going to email InyoPools directly, but figured the...
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    New member - johntniman

    Whatever it is doesn't seem to be organic. I have 0 CC tonight, with FC still in range and PH looking OK. The water does seem to be clearing, but it's not TFP clear for sure. I just cleaned the vacuum to let it run around some more and topped off my FC - I'll give it till Friday and see how it does.
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    There are plenty of birds and their associated "organic material" around the pool, unfortunately :/ I pressure washed it off on Saturday, and ran the vac before I went for my swim. Dirt stirred up from the spa makes sense, but there shouldn't have been that much dirt in the pool - I've been...
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    A strange thing happened over the weekend. I've been monitoring my chems daily and keeping everything in line. Pool was very clear Saturday and I even went for a swim. I added some MA because the PH was a little high, and some chlorine to keep it in normal levels. When I woke up on Sunday...
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    New Empty Nesters buy house with a pool

    Just because this part didn't seem to be addressed yet: It depends on how much of a hassle getting bleach is. I'd start at around 10 gallons (whatever the % chlorine) - your pool is about twice the size of mine, but sounds like it's in better shape than mine was when SLAM started. If it's too...
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    Cloudy pool, added floc last night

    This is what I did when I SLAMed, and the robot helped. Clean the filters after each run - they'll get dirty fast. You probably also don't want to leave it in the pool for an extended time during SLAM because the chlorine is so elevated. Running it should be fine though. Lots of brushing...
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    CO2 vs MA

    Interesting clarification, thanks. The hardware store MA is 14.5% and, while I'm not sticking my nose in the jug and sniffing, I hadn't been "knocked back" by the odor the way I've read some people suggest. That helps explain it.
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    Help with Pool bid???

    Both. With a SWG, it will only be generating chlorine while the pump is running. Which means you need to run your pump a lot. Which is a lot cheaper with a VSP. I don't have a SWG, but the savings from a single speed pump to a VSP was significant even for me. You'll save a lot more than...
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    Making your own bleach/liquid chlorine?

    Have you looked at hardware stores? At least in Vegas, both Home Depot and Lowes carry 10%. Lowes is 10%, 2 gal for just shy of $7. Being in Reno, you probably have to worry less about it being stored outside. [Edit:] Maybe HD doesn't carry it up there. It looked like it did on the site.
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    Mystery Skimmer

    Here's a better picture of the inside of the skimmer door. I don't see any markings. The tabs at the bottom seem less common - most weir doors I see have holes on the assembly that tabs on the weir door slot into. Possibly related, one of the drain covers on the bottom of the deep end came...
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    Sadly they're not out this far west, but I saw that sale and was jelly. Right now the Lowe's 2/6.98 is the best deal, and I saw some 114-dated chlorine there last weekend. I'll get my PVC and unions from there, too - I should consider replacing the valves, but it's not necessary just yet.
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    Pool is looking more clear now - it could be clearer, but I can't complain much. I did order a new multi-port for my sand filter and 300# of Mystic White II filter sand. Next weekend I'll probably have 100 questions about PVC cutting / gluing / unions, etc. As an aside, Thanks very much for...
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    Good deal. Yes, I'm brushing at least twice a week. As soon as I can manage it, I'm going to get in the spa and clean that out well, too. The water is so cold right now, but I suppose that's a fair trade for not being the usual 100+ outside.
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    Brief update: The pool seems to be getting a bit cloudier again. Still blue though. I've been testing and adding chlorine daily to hold at 7-8 FC, and there's no indication that there's any algae activity (loss of no more than 2ppm FC per day, usually closer to 1, 0.5 CC or lower, but it has...
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    Best Places to Buy Liquid Chlorine

    Interesting. I found this but it's only 6%. $34.80/10 for even 10% wouldn't be too shabby given Amazon rewards points :D