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    Ground wire not connected

    Thank you Akw22. Bottom wire is copper coming out of ground up to connect with black covered copper wires which connect to pump motor housing with the screw shown. the black covered copper wires WERE wrapped around the solid copper wire coming out of the ground and wrapped with tape. The...
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    Ground wire not connected

    Good day! This looks like the ground wire came loose from where it was pieced together then taped correct? If so, do I piece it back and re- tape? If so, what kind of tape to survive the elements? Thank you! Joan
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    the new lateral assebly is in, 300lbs of new sand and a new O Ring for the multiport valve. I used Lube Tube on the new O Ring, lined up everything and turned it on. I have a huge leak around the flange clamp. The clamp is already screwed tight but it's not pulling the valve housing down...
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    I'm guessing the pool was built with the house (1989) but don't know for sure. All I know for sure is the pool and equipment were here when we bought it in 2002. I think you're right that the folding model is the replacement. I don't know if the one I have is bad really. Nobody answered that...
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    I found this on the back of the filter. I had it written on my pool file folder but didn't trust myselft as being correct. My fault for not looking behind the filter before. I probably got the info there years ago. Since the folding assembly says it will fit, that's what I will order. By the...
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    INYO pools didn't help either. I gave them part numbers from lateral and tree. I also sent pics through chat and he sent me a link for a completely different filter with side mount valve. He suggested I buy a new filter. I told him I'm not going to do that. Does anyone know if the...
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    Well DON'T call Hayward! I was on hold for 45 minutes for someone named Jeff who spoke broken English and could NOT understand what I was asking when I ask how to identify the model number of my sand filter due to no info on the filter. He said not his area of expertise.
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    Thank you for both pieces of advice Maggie!
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    Is Quikrete sand ok?

    Merged threads - TFP mod Hi guys, No numbers on my sand filter so I measured it a few years ago to get model #. A Hayward S244T was determined. I remeasured day before yesterday to be sure and got the same thing thinking I may need a new lateral assembly. I was low in sand which was also...
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