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    New Build - Northern CA

    So with the water in the deep end, I have been pumping constantly since the day after the dig was completed. We have had very little rain, maybe 2 storms and not that bad. I have the water gone but theres light flow of water from the sidewall that doesnt seem to stop. My pump has an auto cut...
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    New Build - Northern CA

    Trenching completed this week, plumbing next
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    New Build - Northern CA

    Hey all figured its my turn to get some photos posted here. Broke ground finally the week before Christmas. very surprised with the amount of water, more on that next but first Photos!
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    Equipment Bid Review

    Not sure If I'm supposed to start a new thread or just keep this one rolling. I've got the rest of the bid info figured I'd drop it in here for some feedback: Ive attached a pic of the current layout from my landscape architect. The architect is not doing the pool (not licensed for it) I don't...
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    Equipment Bid Review

    Ok I thought that thing was a waste of money. Not sure why so much push back from my PB on salt.
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    Equipment Bid Review

    I inquired with my PB about salt module instead of tablets and they recommended this instead. HydraPure: HydraPure Advanced Oxidation Sanitization System | Hayward Pool Products Sense and Dispense: Sense and Dispense | Automation | In Ground Pool Automation - Hayward Pool Products This just...
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    Equipment Bid Review

    Perfect thanks, wasnt sure what I should be looking at