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    How often did your pool builder show up? (and contract issues)

    We are almost finished with our build. We used a large builder and paid more as I wanted someone with experience. The process was tough— constant chasing, showing up when not expected, etc.. we never saw the builder here except the first day when he told me we had to pay more for a drywell we...
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    Combined chlorine

    Thanks. It was early and I meant Total not combined. I thought the OTO also had to be .5 and that was killing me. The CC is .5 just tested again. Had I put that number in I would have caught myself earlier and avoided all of you the trouble. I am guessing I can let the FC fall back to normal...
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    Combined chlorine

    Sorry. I have been saying combined. I meant Total Chlorine. Using 5 drops r 600 in the TF 100 I get a dark orange.
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    Combined chlorine

    I thought I was doing the test wrong too. But my neighbors who use the TF100 for a while ran the tests and confirmed the results and were just as puzzled as I am. Neither of us can understand why it is almost orange in color when doing the CC and FC for 5 days has been at slam level or higher...
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    Combined chlorine

    One other thing. I am also passing the FC and clear part of slam. Making this even more confusing.
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    Combined chlorine

    Hi all, I have insanely high combined chlorine and it seems the more FC I add the higher it goes. I have a new pool that was green two weeks ago. I had a slightly green pool before the PB started the system (vinyl). For 1.5 weeks now I have been slamming testing every 2 hours except at after 9...
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    Wrinkle question

    Thanks everyone. This is the first time my wife is fine and I am not. Lol. She is tired of the builders and wants to be done. I just didn’t want to spend 60k on a pool and then another 5k and deal with a liner repair place in another 3 years. Glad to know wrinkles aren’t something that will...
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    Wrinkle question

    We're in the process of concluding our pool build and we noticed a large wrinkle off the top step and onto our sundeck. An 1/8 to 1/4 high and 8-10" long. My wife has told me to deal with it as it isn't noticeable and she does not want to deal with any more construction. My father in law said...
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    Skimmer Question

    Thank you.
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    Skimmer Question

    We are building a pool. The Poolbuilder uses a skimmer SP10841OM, but it is round and appears to be for a 1.5" pipe fitting. This skimmer is not available anywhere it seems. I spoke with a hayward distributor who helped me in the past with my old pool. They told me that if I did not care if...
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    Hunt for skimmers??

    I just saw this. I am in NJ and was told the same thing this afternoon by my builder.
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    Build delay question

    We are in the process of building a vinyl liner pool and the build came to a halt. We have a hole, passed the plumbing inspection, and walls, but the builder says we cannot pour the collar or go any further as they can't get any skimmers. I question it as the builder I am using in NJ also told...
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    Too Big? Lagoon 20x38x40

    We have a lagoon style going in now. My parents have a similar pool for the last 30 years that is the same size 25x40, but gunite. We had 4 people in the family growing up, but between relatives and friends we’d often have more over. So when we went for it we got the same size with a family of...