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    New Algae Issue

    how are you testing your water? can you post up your test results?
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    Swimming by March 2020!!! (We hope...)

    nice layout... forget the UV for sure. as far as the pucks go, most of us are on this site because of using them. SWG or liquid is better. i also think the dark coping is going to be HOT in the daytime getting in and out of the pool. one other thing is the 3 1/2 foot depth is too shallow for...
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    Wireless thermometer

    floating with big readout
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    Stone Veneer for House Foundation?

    we love it. manufactured stone installed by the company that casts it. we did the whole house
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    Pool Green

    it’s funny how bad of advice a pool store “professional” can give. anyway, tim is right ... get a proper test kit first
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    FC causing wrinkles?

    the only problem with fc above 10ppm is your ph tests become invalid
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    Skimmer lid now starting to jam

    have you tried a soaker hose around the pool deck? i know people that do it around their house foundation because of high clay soils
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    Storing your robot

    my dolphin stand doesn’t allow the tracks or the rollers to touch anything
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    Zero chlorine all of a sudden

    i meant after the slam
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    Zero chlorine all of a sudden

    i don’t think you’re running your swg long enough. a t3 produces about a half a pound of chlorine gas over 24 hours. in your 9k gal pool, that’s about 7ppm of chlorine per 24 hr day at 100%. that’s .3 fc/hour (at 100%). so your 9am to 5pm pump runtime would only give you a 2.7ppm increase in fc...
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    fiberglass pool flaking?

    hi tabitha... tell your pb the new owners of Sun can give you the run around. i’m still dealing with the former owner. we had decided to wait after the pool season is over to drain the pool. so i should know in the next few weeks. good luck, mike
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    Closing Pool, Pool Covers, etc - in ARIZONA???

    take a look at the Solar Breeze NX2 on amazon. it’s a solar powered robot skimmer boat. very cool